One Minor Bump in the Road

bump in the roadI cannot believe how far behind I have gotten with my blog and the Tiffany Dow FFB&LB Challenge! But I am pulling it together and getting back on rack, I think.

See I recently joined a writing team on oDesk for a couple reasons,
1. To earn a few dollars, literally they don’t pay much
2. To beef up my writing skills

Overall I think I do a pretty good job with spelling, grammar, and story writing but there’s nothing like writing within a structured format to make you take notice.

The oDesk writing style is much different than writing for this blog. This blog is my voice, my ideas, my take on each subject, whereas oDesk requires that I write in a more reporting and authoritative tone.

My typical writing voice is to talk to my audience much like a conversation. I prefer to take a reader’s WIIFM approach to help me make each post, story, or article more interesting at least that is my goal I hope you see it that way.

This created a major problem with my first oDesk assignment. There I was all proud of myself having completed the article quicker than it had taken for my trial article. I sent the assignment off to my editor for review and moved on to my next task.

Then receive an email that the article needed revision because it was written in the wrong voice, two little words could not be used. Two little words: you and yours. Let me just say there were too many instances of those two little words to count since I wrote like I was talking directly to my audience.

Lesson learned!

Revised the article and the assignment I was currently working on and set it off once again and I received good words back from my editor “You did a marvelous job! You said it might be a challenge before you started the changes and I’m sure it was, but you did very well.”

Yahoo, I can still learn a thing or two!

So how did this put me behind?

For some reason I didn’t receive the original email advising me of the assignments so when an email came out asking about progress I replied “what assignments”.

Subsequently I receive the instruction for 6 articles to research and write Monday morning and find they are all due no later than Wednesday noon including any revisions.

Alrighty then I’d best get to work, two solid days working for oDesk and now I’m back to focus on my blog and the challenge. That bump in the road is behind me and it is time to pick myself up, shake it off, and refocus!



As the late Gilda Radner would have said on the ‘70s Saturday Night Live TV shows “it’s always something”. Loved her!




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