Now What? My Web Host is Down!

website_downEver experience your website losing the connection to your hosting company?

If you have then you know that it is certainly is not good news.

Your website is no longer visible to the masses which means:

No visitors
No comments
No added subscribers
No revenue

Bottom line it means trouble.

Well, a few days back I read that Hostgator suffered an outage affected a BUSHEL of people. I’ve been an affiliate for Hostgator and even used their services for some time. Fortunately none of my sites were hosted by Hostgator currently and I personally did not have to deal with the outage. But many of the sites I visit on a regular basis were affected, actually they were down all day, some even longer.

Maybe your site was affected and you know firsthand – if so, my sympathies!

Seems this outage was not an isolated incident, Instead it was just the latest over the last few months since they moved their data center from to a new location in Utah.

web-hostingFrom reading multiple forums and blogs, it also appears that their overall service and customer support has been suffering since they went under new management. Possibly they should spend more on their infrastructure and less on their so-called sexy ad campaigns (Just my opinion as a woman.)

Personally, I’ve had 90% of my hosting with iPage and have had very little trouble. Actually, (knock on wood) their services have only gone down momentarily during the last two years that I have been with them.

So my sites were not affected during the Hostgator outage. If you’re on Hostgator and fed up, check out iPage. I’m sure that Hostgator will get their act back together and they will continue to have loyal followers, but if you’re one that doesn’t want to see their sites become invisible to the world check out iPage.

They cost a tad more but I believe the peace of mind is worth it!




Marilyn T 

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