Now for the Perks of Working from Home

I love my boss

You’re the Boss

Even with the drawbacks you read in the previous three posts, there are many reasons why this particular career choice is one of the most rewarding ones on the planet. I can’t even imagine going back to a job with a boss – it sends shivers up my spine.

art four of a five part series.

The Work at Home business is for me! But then I’ve never been afraid to work long and hard.

Who’s the Boss?

You, yes you!

Didn’t I just have something similar in the cons list? Yes, I certainly did because this fact carries a certain level of pressure with it, but on the upside, you literally answer to nobody but yourself!

In a J-O-B, you always answered to a boss and I know in my years in a customer focused service business, we followed the “customer is always right” rule. Now I still believe in this rule because most customers are honest and respectful, but the circumstances change a bit in the Internet marketing arena.

What? Well, let me clarify, in Internet marketing, you don’t have to put up with rude customers – you can fire them if you don’t feel you’re being treated fairly. Now this may sound like bad business practices, and if you’re a jerk, it certainly will be.

But every once in a blue moon, you’ll run across one of those people you can’t please no matter what – the kind who complain and lash out and because they’re online and not face-to-face, they’re blatantly rude to you.

Seems some people feel that if you can’t see them, well then they can act irresponsibly and not appreciate what you have provided for them. A very few people lose all their manners and become real jerks.

You don’t have to take that. Unsubscribe them from your list. Blacklist them from being able to buy from you again. Some of these naysayers are serial “refunders”, meaning they’ll buy an item you produced, download it, and then request a refund. There they are with your product to use because you can’t pull it back.

These are usually those who looked at a Work at Home Internet business as an easy way to get rich. So you’re not losing anyone of quality from your community anyway.


Now back to the good news! As your own boss, you make the rules – and that includes setting your own schedule and I would highly recommend that you really set a schedule. Sure it can have breaks in the middle of the day, or maybe you’ll choose to start work at 4AM. Whatever works for you and your home life because you’re the boss.

You may even decide where to work – maybe you’ll stay in your home office, or maybe you’ll take the laptop to your favorite coffee shop.

I took mine to gorgeous Lopez Island, an island in the San Juan Islands, north of Washington State. I had a weeklong vacation with my husband and Boomer, our English Cocker Spaniel last year. I checked in 2 times a day – in the morning before we went out fishing, and then in the late afternoon before we headed to town for our daily walk. That still left time for a relaxing evening and I worked a total of 60 minutes a day in roughly 30 minute increments. That’s worth it!

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