New Users Added to My Blog How’d That Happen?

BlogShareWe all are looking for subscribers to our blogs but have you ever received new subscribers as Users on your blog?

I have in the last couple of weeks and naturally wondered why. First you get an email that looks something like this:
New user registration on your blog :
Username: MisterX45881

When you log into your WordPress Dashboard and navigate to Users / All Users you see that they have been added as a subscriber to your blog. Now since I didn’t add them nor do I know them I was a bit concerned. I mean could they hack into my site and publish a post or worse?

So I actually sent a question to Tiffany Dow and she directed me to a couple posts at There seems to be a split consensus as to whether this is a good thing or not.

The Good News Consensus:
When the person adds themselves as a subscriber it is possible that they honestly are someone who enjoys your blog and wants to be notified of new posts much like using an RSS feed, although this function is in no way an RSS feed.

The Bad News Consensus:
They are spam bots hoping that by registering they will be allowed to post comments or actually publish posts to your site, either way they will spam away at your site. I’ll take this side.

How were they able to do this?
Under the General settings in the WordPress dashboard there is an item note as Membership with a checkbox stating Anyone can register. I had this checked and the next line down defines the New User Default Role I had this set as Subscriber. Somewhere I read that this was needed for adding Opt-in boxes to your site, I probably misunderstood what I read.






Basically I was allowing anyone to register as a subscriber to my blog which sounds okay but when their information looks like this, Username: cb1s96jvdd and they have Hotmail emails I consider them spammers. It’s easy to delete them as Users before any damage is done by selecting their username and choosing to delete. A screen comes up asking if you wish to delete all posts so of course you choose this option just to be safe and then click Confirm Deletion.

The Remedy
Go back into General settings and uncheck the Anyone can register check box. It’s just that easy and no more worries about spammers and hackers at least in this regard.


Marilyn T


  1. Same thing happened to me. I unchecked the Anyone can register box. I don’t think it’s a good thing. I get some spam anyway, but Akismet catches them and I don’t want them slipping through the user side door, either. Good post, Marilyn.
    Ruth Clark recently posted…Internet Marketing—A Large Umbrella That Offers Countless OpportuntiesMy Profile

  2. Wow – I didn’t know that could be done! A timely tip for me to check that box on all my blogs.

    Thank you
    Shan recently posted…Promote YourselfMy Profile

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