New Domain Name Extensions Are On the Horizon

new domain name extensionsSomebody pinch me. Have you heard about the new domain name extensions that will be available soon? Some are available today and others you can simply pre-register so that your domain with new extension is saved for you.

No longer will you anguish over finding that perfect (dot) com domain only to find that it is already taken and worse – not even used. Someone snagged it and it is simply cluttering virtual space like litter. But never worry, it will soon be of no concern.

creative mindsDepending on the article you read there are hundreds, maybe thousands of new top-level domains on the horizon. This could be a goldmine for domain name providers. Just think about the opportunity for creative minds. They’ll be snatching up every possible combination to fit every angle in their niche.

GoDaddy advertises that there will be hundreds of new domain extensions available soon. Maybe this has something to do with the news that former GoDaddy exec Christine Jones has put her hat in the ring to be the Republican candidate for Arizona Governor.

Think about it as an “unapologetic conservative” she could use her domain name as her campaign slogan. You know something like –

  • yournostringsattached(dot)leader
  • arizonanotfederal(dot)standards
  • immagrationwithno(dot)amnesty

I’m just saying. We all know that money can move mountains and she certainly has money. But seriously – think of the opportunities for small business owners, niche bloggers, restaurants, travel agencies, hotels, clubs, churches, well for just about everyone.

A Look at the New Domain Name Extensions

The listing is quite extensive and honestly covers a very broad range of topics and interests. This is a very succinct list and not all extensions are available yet, but I’ll bet ideas will be churning around in your head.

  • .academy
  • .institute
  • .builders
  • .club
  • .construction
  • .email
  • .enterprises
  • .guitar
  • .london
  • .marketing
  • .photo
  • .recipes
  • .reviews
  • .shop
  • .tips
  • .today
  • .training

And then there are my personal favorites –

  • .solutions (marilynthompson(dot)solutions – hmm)
  • .guru (I could really be a guru and so could you – how about that!)

The creative prospects are seemingly endless and just think about the true marketing opportunity this brings to business owners. All joking aside, your domain name can truly work for you. It can become an integral part of your business plan and marketing budget. It can really help to identify who you are or what you do.

As the Internet has becomes clogged with the voluminous numbers of (dot) coms, net, org, this move was inevitable. But the fact that it is on the immediate horizon is worth celebrating.

From what I’ve seen the pricing for pre-registering your new extension domains is basically at list price, no usual GoDaddy discounts as yet. After all they’re not foolish – they’ll capitalize on this when they can, as will all other domain name providers.

New Domain Name Extension Questions

Certainly the creative advantage of aligning your business or niche with you domain name is understandable, but what about the questions.

  • How will this change the manner in which Google algorithms read web pages?
  • How will it impact company and solopreneur branding?
  • Will individuals and companies need to buy multiple domain names?
  • Would it be possible to saturate a niche with keyword specific domains?
  • Would this put an end to hyphened domain names?
  • Will the new domain extension be confusing because Internet users are familiar typing the (dot) com, net, or org?

Your domain name can now truly depict who you are or what you do.
For example:

  • No More Drips Plumbing (dot) com can now simply be No More Drips (dot) Plumbing
  • Top Dog Training (dot) com can now simply be Top Dog (dot) Training
  • Marilyn Thompson Solutions (dot) com can now simply be Marilyn Thompson (dot) Solutions

You can find out more by visiting GoDaddy and 1&1

What do you think of the new domain name extensions?


To your hard-earned success,
Marilyn T


  1. Not sure if all these new extensions are needed. Good for people to have the choice though.

    • Hi Victoria,

      I would agree that some are certainly unnecessary but there are a few that I think will become popular for business ans niche marketing.

      Thanks for commenting!

  2. Personally, I think it’s a waste of time, space and money!

    Why? Look at all the extensions we have now and do you know what 99% of consumers search for? A DOT COM name. These others will only confuse and clog up the marketplace and it’s a vanity approach that I doubt will work as they intend it to.

    • Really? I actually think a handful will become new standards like .tips. .review, .club, and such. They convey a purpose or an identity that I think consumers will get used to. Many of the others I agree are pretty silly.

      Thanks for your thoughts!

  3. These are great – I wonder if all the best ones have been grabbed by big businesses or domain name sellers. I have a habit of getting domain names and not using them so I will have to watch out here 🙂

    • I know what you mean Ana, sometimes they look so promising when we get them and then we look again and wonder what we were thinking.

      I think these will be opening up many new opportunities.

  4. I like the training and reviews extensions. Could be useful for niche sites.

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