Must-Read Considerations When Changing Your Blog Name

change-aheadAs I wrote in yesterday’s post, I have changed the name of my blog from Work at Home Marilyn to Marilyn Thompson Solutions so that it is more in line with my focus and direction. Plus I love the name because it has endless possibilities.

I still intend to revamp the appearance a bit by changing the layout of the theme or possibly switching to an entirely different theme. If you have any thoughts on what you like or don’t like here, I’d truly appreciate hearing about it in the comments area below – don’t worry I can take the good with the bad.

I had been thinking about changing the name for some time but feared that I faced two obstacles.

1. The domain with my name Marilyn Thompson (.com) was taken. I wanted the domain to include my name but and I didn’t want to add a middle name or initial. So I waited.

2. I didn’t want to start a site from scratch since I had one already in the works with content and comments I wished to keep. So I waited.

My suggestion – when you know it is right, do not wait – take action!

I considered rebuilding the site with backed-up files but that would take a fair amount of time and I would lose all comments and need to reinstall many of the plugins and possibly widgets too. This seemed like a major task.

But then I thought, this is the Internet a place of infinite resources, that and I had a recommendation from a friend to check out the WP Twin cloning software. I strongly rely on this person’s recommendations so I checked it out a bit for myself.

WP Twin came with rave reviews and has a nice intro video to explain all that it does. The cost was a bit more than I really wanted to spend but then what would my time be worth for working through it manually, so I went for it and purchased through my friends link. What are friends for, right?

Just so you know, there are free cloning programs available and some excellent back up programs, but I was really looking for what you might call and all-inclusive program and free made me a bit concerned as to what may not be cloned.

I watched the set-up and install tutorial videos on the WP Twin site and felt I could do this, plus I had also found a bonus when I did the Google Search. I found two wonderful tutorial videos with text from Bonnie Gean. I was ready to roll.

BTW – If you’re unfamiliar with Bonnie she’s the best at creating easy to follow tutorials – visit her site here.

Through my next few blog posts, I’d like to share with you the process of changing an existing site to another so that you can be prepared should you ever decide to do so.

Plus the WP Twin cloning software is also ideal if you plan on building multiple niche websites all with the same basic structure. Simply setup the first site with its theme, plugins, and general configuration and then clone it and use that file to create the basis of each new niche site. This will save you so much time!

If you’d like to check out the WP Twin cloning software, you can do so here through this friendly affiliate link, hint – hint.

If you missed why I changed the name of my blog, check out Presto Changeo Alakazam Marilyn Thompson Solutions

Look forward to seeing you tomorrow.

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  1. Yes, you’re right! WP Twin would definitely help you set up a new website quite fast. Literally in seconds! Now that’s definitely progress! 🙂

    • After I worked through my self-inflicted troubles, the process was ever so fast. Bonnie is correct that new sites could be prepped in seconds, be kind to yourself – use WPTwin!

  2. That’s good to know about WP Twin.

    Did you ever consider a URL with a hyphen: Maybe that would work for you?????

  3. I love the new name Marilyn! You’re right it absolutely does open things up. Gives you a much broader way to talk about more than just working from home.

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