Making Money with Pinterest

pinterest-300Do you use Pinterest as part of your business plan?

I don’t mean just clicking the Pinterest button on your blog to notify the Pinterest audience of your new blog post, I mean to actually promote products and make money.

I always pin my Squidoo and Zujava articles that promote affiliate products so that they link back to the articles and possibly I’ll make a sale. I’ve had a bit of luck, not a lot but some.

So I got to thinking about how Pinterest really works, what is it that people do while there? To my way of thinking they browse, they browse for recipes, they browse for ideas, and they browse products they didn’t know they were looking for. Bingo!

What if I pin intriguing images of products I want to promote and link them with my affiliate code? Pretty cool because when I do a couple of things may take place.

  1. People click the image and are taken to the affiliate location where they may just purchase the product.
  2. People may re-pin the image which means more and more people see the image without me doing anything and some will click the image and go to the affiliate location where they may make a purchase.

I love this idea! But for it to work, for it to make money you have to pin items people are really interested in not just something with a cool picture. Cool pictures are nice to look at and they may get many re-pins but if they don’t link to where people can make purchases, I don’t make money.

Remember this is part of my business plan so if I don’t make money I don’t have a business.


Check back tomorrow when I show you how to Set up Your Amazon Affiliate Account for Pinterest Tracking


To your success,
Marilyn T


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