Work at Home Tip #7: Making Lists

making lists

I’m a great one for lists at one point during my corporate career I was making lists of lists because my plate was so full. Now I stick to daily or weekly lists to help me stay focused and not miss something. They tend to be the structure for the ideas I have popping around in my head, even those that pop up around 2am.

Actually I guess I still have many lists. I have lists of my work at home goals, I have lists of the many things I want to accomplish in my business, I have my far away 5 year and 10 year lists, I have lists of books to read, I have lists of blog topics, and lists of Squidoo and Zujava topics.

These are the big picture lists that we should all have. These are the lists that act as our big white board of ideas. Let’s talk about smaller lists.

I start each morning making my daily list and I recommend that you do the same. This is my caffeine in the morning since I don’t drink coffee; it sets me on track for the day. Sure I have my daily business routine like checking multiple emails and social sites that’s not what’s on these lists.

These morning lists are strictly what I what to or need to accomplish that day. At the end of the day I take a look back at what I have crossed off. There is something oddly satisfying about crossing items off these lists.

As I mentioned the bigger lists come from my ideas, I write them down so I can mull them over and put them into action. It is important that you do this so that you are continually monitoring your progress. And it’s okay to scratch off an unfinished item on your list because your paths may change after all we’re always a work in progress.

Make your lists in a manner that fits your personality and activities. I always have a notebook or piece of paper handy. You may like to use an app on your smart phone, finding whatever works is the key.


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