Lifetime PLR Mini Mart Licenses Going Fast

PLR Mini MartWe all know how important it is to publish content to our blogs or niche sites on a regular basis. After all, no new content means no visitors – and no visitors means no revenue.

But creating unique, quality, well-written content takes time and hard work. You need to find what your audience is looking for and then you need to formulate your answer / article and get it posted. This would seem simple enough if you didn’t have other things pulling at you. The day job, the kids, running errands, – LIFE.

You could hire someone to write articles for you but that takes money, a good writer is not cheap and those that charge less, well let’s just say the writing quality is not so great.

Well I have the perfect solution for you.

Private Label Rights (PLR) articles

Sure I know there’s good PLR and then there’s poorly written PLR. You’ve probably been offered some free PLR content from someone who emailed you. What was the quality of that writing? Terrible – right?

Let me tell you about the PLR Mini Mart. The PLR Mini Mart is a store packed with hundreds of quality, well written, easy to read articles with great grammar, and great spelling. All the articles are something that you would be proud to put your name on.

There are articles, e-books, autoresponder emails, and more on every niche you can think of.

  • Weight loss / Diet / Nutrition
  • Dating / Relationships / Getting your ex back
  • Saving Money / Forex / Auto Insurance
  • Work at Home / Internet Marketing / Blogging
  • Gardening / Christmas / Holiday Gifts
  • Pets / Dog training / Dog ownership
  • Motivation / Self-improvement / Time management

Tons of material in tons of niches!

You can buy this great content as you need it or you can buy it all and more right now for one amazing price. You see for the first time since the store was launched in 2006, she’s offering a LIMITED number of lifetime access spots. This means you get everything past, present, and future that Tiffany Lambert creates and lists in her PLR Mini Mart store. Check out her offer here – PLR Mini Mart bargain

Again remember what lifetime access means – it means you get everything past, present and future with this one time price. Yes, even her full content funnels that she keeps off-limits to people during her sales. Everything in a ton of niche topics!

Once you order, you’re in forever – you get everything she releases from here on out. She even has a new pack ready to go tonight that she’s uploading into the PLR lifetime access area!

PLR Mini Mart
So how much is this special price you ask?

Not $700
Not $350
Only $197

You could easily spend that in purchasing just a few packages as you need them, so why not pay today and get whatever you want, whenever you want it for no additional fees.

Check out this fabulous offer before all spots are gone. With only 100 licenses being offered, and knowing that her own 50 licenses sold out in 36 hours, this isn’t one you want to check back on later. You want to see it now.


~ Great success to you,
Marilyn Thompson

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