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If you read my previous post you know that I was recently nominated for the Liebster Blog Award by Ruth Clark. Thank you again Ruth for nominating me and for following my blog! If you have not met Ruth introduce yourself here at her blog.

You can read more about the Liebster Blog Award here. If you are reading as someone I nominated, welcome I hope you choose to accept.

So in accepting the nomination I offer my response –


11 Random Facts about Yourself:

  1. I was taller than my favorite aunt when I was age 11 or 12, she found this quite humorous. She was a wonderful, hard working woman who lived a hard life and never learned to read or write.
  2. I have hazel green eyes
  3. I was born under the zodiac sign of Cancer. I’m not a true follower but do fit the so called traits perfectly, a home-body, emotional, loyal, frugal, good cook, family oriented.
  4. I played the Alto Saxophone in school and was a member of the high school marching band. Our school was selected to march in the Lilac Festival in Spokane, WA one spring. It was extremely hot, exhausting, yet fun!
  5. I was named after Marilyn Monroe although my father denies it, that’s okay because I’m fond of her work.
  6. I have been married to a wonderful man for 21 years. We have the most amazing English Cocker Spaniel named Boomer; you’ll see him in my upcoming new blog.
  7. I put myself through college and hold a Bachelor’s degree in psychology and yes, I tend to analyze more than maybe I should.
  8. I always wanted to be a first grade teacher but ran out of funds as you were not paid to be a student teacher and I needed to work full time.
  9. I am a huge Barbra Streisand fan and was thrilled beyond words to have seen her preform in person in 2008.
  10. Traveled to Germany with my husband and father in 2008 to visit the region of my ancestors. We found the home that my grandfather five generations back built and were surprisingly welcomed inside by the current owners. Seems there was a member of our family in ownership of the home until the current owners, that would mean it was in the family for 300 years.
  11. I am afraid of the water, can’t swim, but own a 24’ boat. My husband loves to fish.

There you go, hope I didn’t bore you too much.


The 11 Questions Ruth Asked Me to Answer:

  1. Where are you located? Country? Town/City?
    The beautiful Pacific Northwest region of the U.S. in a suburb north of Seattle called Edmonds
  2. What one person do you think influenced you the most growing up? Or was it a combination of people.
    Must be a combination because not just one person comes to mind.
  3. What was your motivation/passion for starting an online business?
    Always wanted to but it was not until I was laid off from my career of 38 years in a fading industry did I take action.
  4. What person(s) influenced you most in starting an online business?
    Not so much about influencing the start but Tiffany Dow and Chris Farrell have been hugely instrumental in moving the process forward.
  5. Why or how did you choose the topic of your blog or business?
    I began to funnel down my focus and to pinpoint the directions I wish to go. I’m learning to understand who my audience is for each venture and reach out in a more significant manner.
  6. Are you from a large, small, or medium sized family?
    Medium sized, two sisters and one brother
  7. Have you traveled in relation to your personal life or business related travels?
    Traveled as a child with family when my father went to conventions, we were able to see all states but those in the south. Traveled as an adult for both business and pleasure and have seen all but maybe 5 or 6 states. Love the Canyon Lands of Utah, visited Anchorage AK once late in the month of January, and have vacationed in Puerto Vallarta Mexico twice.
  8. Do you schedule personal time to rejuvenate, or recharge, outside your business or do you work all the time?
    Have always worked much of the time
  9. Do you seek out the advice of others, especially when working?  Or do you know what you want and know how to get it.?
    Always seeking out the advice of others and learning constantly.
  10. What was your favorite game as a child?
    Not sure but I was always active, definitely a tomboy. Enjoyed all sports in school and was pretty good at tether ball.
  11. What is your favorite charity(s) if any, and why?
    Anything to do with children’s health and literacy I support RIF, Toys for Tots, Cystic Fibrosis, Children’s Diabetes Research, and others. Plus women’s cancer research, especially breast cancer.









The 11 Questions to Those I Have Bestowed a Nomination

  1. Where would you like to live if not where you are now?
  2. Who do you admire?
  3. What was your motivation/passion for starting an online business?
  4. What are the five best words to describe you?
  5. Have you traveled in relation to your personal life or business related travels?
  6. What is your favorite season and why?
  7. What is your favorite type of music?
  8. What was your favorite game as an adult?
  9. If you could have been in any profession what would you have chosen?
  10. What is your favorite charity(s) if any, and why?
  11. What would you do if you found $100 dollars and did not need to return it?


The 11 Bloggers I Would Like to Nominate for the Liebster Award

Ruth Clark –

Victoria –

Michelle Farmer —

Tasha Marie –

Kay Collier –

Katie S –

Barney –

Kathy Robinson –

Mary Kathan –

Steven Stuart –

Isobel Phillips–

If you are reading as someone I nominated and would like to accept your prestigious award, please let me know in the comments below by answering these three quick little questions:

  1. Where are you? City, State, &/or Country
  2. Do you own a pet and if so what kind?
  3. What’s the best part of your day?

Thank you for your blog and for brightening my day, I look forward to hearing from you.


Marilyn T


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