It’s Only a WordPress Theme, Don’t Stress It!

w circleThat’s what I read in another blogger’s comments and I was taken back a bit. Don’t stress it?
So I clicked the link and checked out his blog, yep just as I thought his blog was cluttered, far too busy for my taste, and just felt cold. But I guess he truly did believe don’t stress it – it’s only a WordPress theme.

To me the WP theme is very important. The theme helps set the tone of your blog; it makes your blog pleasant on the eyes, easy to navigate, and welcoming. Certainly don’t stress over finding the best theme for your blog but do give it a bit of thought.

Ask yourself if the theme you are currently using fits the tone you are trying to convey with your content. See it doesn’t matter how good your content is if your blog is difficult to read. Is the font too small, the colors hard on the eyes, are there too many graphics going on?

Many WP themes don’t allow font changes without changing code and if you’re like me I don’t want to mess with the code. Sure I could probably do it but why, why risk messy up the entire site when there are so many quality, easy to use themes available. And the best part is that you don’t have to spend a time to find them.

There are many great, free WP themes right in On your WordPress dashboard just go to Appearances / Themes and then select Install Themes. Here you can search by color, number of columns, theme width, and assorted features. I always like having a left and right sidebar and don’t really care about searching by color as most themes allow you to change colors of the background and sometimes the menu bars and fonts, so I leave that alone. But just start searching until you find a theme that sets the right tone for your blog and is easy with which to work.

The theme I use here is a free WP theme called Techozoic. I like it because it is a fluid 2 or 3 column theme, has both a right and left sidebar, allows me to change the color scheme, the font size and color, and header image. It is SEO optimized although I still use a SEO plug-in and it has social bookmarks which adds to the social widget I use. I really like this theme for this blog but I would not use it for all my sites because it would not set the right tone.

Let’s say you have a site about weight loss, golf tips, or maybe gamer cheats, this theme would not be a good fit. Personally I would search for a theme with images appropriate to the topic. For instance weight loss might have images of healthy foods, a measuring tape, or some such about eating less and better.

A golf theme would be easy to find as there are many with golf club or gulf course images and I’m sure the same is true for gaming sites. The point is to set the proper tone for your blog or website with the appropriate theme.

Don’t stress over it, there are much more important issues like making money from your blog but do spend time to find a WP theme that sets the right tone for your blog so that your visitors feel comfortable. Who know with the right content they may just visit again and again.

Hope to see you again!

Marilyn T


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