It’s Fab Friday Time!

That’s right not just Friday, but Fab Friday Blog Share Time and you’re going to be thrilled with what I have for you today. Well, maybe thrilled is too strong a word, let’s say love, . . . . well maybe not love, let’s say just say like. Oh whatever, I hope you find it a bit of useful information and hilarious entertainment.

Today’s shares cover creating captivating content, going viral (socially that is not biologically), and insights on being an entrepreneur.

Please enjoy –

1. How to create content people want to share – Go Viral! Tips to Creating Content People Share

2. Do you create vlogs? Then you’ll want to read this – 14 Simple But Powerful Video Marketing Tips for Your Vlog

3. Well written post on creating content that will go viral – Why Your Content Will Go Viral

4. Find out if you are entrepreneurial material – Be a Real Entrepreneur

5. These are great tips for avoiding SOS, I particularly love item #2 – How to Overcome Entrepreneur “Shiny Object Syndrome” In 4 Simple Steps

Now This Week’s Entertainment

One of the funniest women ever who died back in 1996, she had a newspaper column and numerous books which absolutely made you roll on the floor laughing.

Erma Bombeck – One Size Fits All

Marilyn T



  1. Thank you for the viral post and video information. Great stuff! And not only did I read all of Erma Bombeck’s books, I would try to emulate her style of writing when I was in high school. It didn’t work as well for me!

  2. I read every single Erma Bombeck book when I was young. She is laugh-out-loud funny. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Great sites you listed there. I particularly like the ones on getting things to go ‘viral’ since that is very important.


  4. I used to read Erma Bombeck’s books or anything else I could find of hers. Absolutely loved her humor. Thanks for sharing this information.

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