It’s Fab Friday Blog Share Time

Well here in the Pacific Northwest this Friday is a very rainy one, typical for this time of year. But I certainly don’t mind because I would much rather have this than the dreadful winter weather so much of the country has seen and is still experiencing.

It simply means we (Boomer and us) put on our rain jackets when we go for our daily walks. He loves his walks and doesn’t mind the rain or the jacket too much, so it’s off we go. Rain or shine without further ado, here are the blog shares –

Please enjoy

1. Tips for new bloggers or anyone who feels their blog is not as effective as it could be – 5 Most Common Blogging Mistakes You Should Avoid

2. Are you building your blog as a business? – The Top 3 Reasons Your Blog is Not a Business (Yet)

3. If you blog for SEO value than this will be helpful – Bop Design Shares Tips to Effective SEO Implementation When Blogging

4. Blogging thoughts when you’re not focused on SEO value – How To Find Your Blog Niche (What I’m Doing)

5. A quick read about managing your attention – Forget Time Management. Try Attention Management

Now for this week’s entertainment

In honor Liza Minnelli’s birthday a couple days back, I give you a classic from her one woman show preformed I believe in 1972

Liza with a Z


Marilyn T


  1. Looks like some great post. I’ve pulled some of them up for reading later.



  2. Great article. Friday certainly is Fab but every day is a weekend for internet marketers!

    • Welcome Luke,

      So nice to have a new visitor! Hey I checked out your “welcome to digital” site and bookmarked it, it looks very helpful.
      Thanks for commenting.

  3. Great share today Marilyn. I loved that video of Liza Minnelli too…I used to have a name mispronounce all the time too when I was Woodward. People always would say woodard. Drove me nuts.

    • Hi Misty,

      I’ve always thought it was a shame that Liza and her mother, Judy weren’t able to perform together again as Liza’s career blossomed.
      I agree mispronouncing names is very irritating and some people simply don’t make the effort. My maiden name was commonly mispronounced, it’s Stratemeyer.

  4. There is so much great advice and info here I’m pinning for future reference – thank you! And Happy Belated Birthday to the one and only LIZA!

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