Is Your Blog Safe from Spammers?

no spamDon’t you just love to see comments to your blog?

Sure you do but you. I remember once when I logged into one of my earlier sites and saw something like 25 comments, I thought terrific look at all that traffic and all those comments. Then I started reading and it didn’t take long to figure out that they were all spammers.

Each and every one sent by someone with poor English grammar skills and a name that made no sense or probably more likely a spam bots randomly searching for a wide open blog like mine.

Well I quickly deleted them all and sought out a WordPress Plug-in to save the day. What I found was Akismet. Now if you don’t have a spam filtering plug-in on your blog let me save you the time searching and if you are using another plug-in I recommend that you change.

Just go to, search for Akismet, and download the plug-in, it only takes a moment and your site will be free of spam. Seriously! It takes 10 minutes or less to install, get your API Key, set your preferences, and let Akismet go to work.

And work it does, all comments run through its filters which catch 99.9% of all spam comments sent to your blog and then it places them in your spam comments folder so that you can verify and permanently delete.

If you like it will even keep a tally of the number of comments it blocks. The Akismet Plug-in is so effective that after a while you begin to forget that it is there, it just sits in the background working remarkably well.

So let me make it even easier for you , just follow this link to, it is free, easy, and you will truly love it!


Be Safe!
Marilyn T


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