Is it Worth It to be an Entrepreneur?

If you’re like me then the answer is an emphatic YES!

I mean here I sit at my computer wearing jeans, I’ve showered but not fixed my hair, the dogs napping, and Rick Braun is playing in the background. I’m at the office working but the office is in my home and I am so happy to say that.

When I was laid off after many years of working for someone else I decided it was a sign to start working on my own. Sure I put in job applications to follow the usual job path and even had interviews but no takers. I thought about buying a franchise business but didn’t really have that kind of money to invest and then I recalled that I had been intrigued for some time about having an online business and decided that now was the time.

I must admit though as I start this business which is barely off the ground that there are times I wonder what I’m doing and ask have I gotten in over my head, am I dreaming? Will this thing really turn into a thriving business that pays the bills and more? And I say YES!

Yes it will because I believe in myself, I believe I have what it takes, and I want it, I want it more than just about anything. I have so many ideas, so many directions I want to go, so many that it tends to lead me astray at times but I’m learning to wear the blinders and stay focused.

To me being an entrepreneur is about not caring what others are thinking, not paying attention to how many times they ask my husband how I’m doing, am I getting discouraged? Instead it is about foraging ahead, learning the ropes, humbling myself and getting the job done.

I love this quote, I have it posted on my office wall for when I need a gentle kick in the butt. No one said it would be easy; heck most things worth having aren’t easy.













To your success!
Marilyn T



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