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why I writeToday I’m taking a bit of a detour from the weekly Fab Friday Blog Share that typically runs each Friday. Quite a coincidence isn’t it. Never fear though, the Blog Share will be back next week right on schedule.

Recently I was asked by a blogging and business friend of mine, Misty Spears, to join in a Writer’s Blog Hop. Until her request I had not heard of a Blog Hop but it’s terrific. It’s a great way to find new acquaintances and a great way to introduce my audience to a couple of new writers/bloggers.

The goal is to answer four questions about your writing which proved to be an interesting journey. If you’re like me, I don’t really spend time thinking about my style of writing or why I write – it has somewhat simply evolved. So make yourself comfortable as I share a bit of my writing soul and it would be ever so grand if you left a comment or two.

Okay, time to get hopping!

1. What am I work on/writing?

It seems I have many writing projects I’m working on, actually probably too many. This is my main blog that I typically post to three or four times per week. This month though I have been a bit MIA as I have been working on other projects. Through this site my goal is to help you become the blogger and/or entrepreneur of your dreams. I share tips, tutorials, and writing content advice to help you along your journey.

Then there are my three niche sites where I write informational blog-type content while promoting products and services in the hopes of bringing in revenue.

I’ve published three Kindle quiz books for young kids and have three informational books that I’m in the process of writing. These three and more will get finished but I’ve discovered that I really need to focus totally on one before moving onto the next – otherwise they will never reach that much sought-after publishing stage.

The Kindle book that will soon find life is in the “blogging for profit” genre which might just be one to add to your online learning library.

2. How does my work/writing differ from others of its genre?

That’s a tough question to answer. I guess I’d have to say that my writing for this site and my newsletter – oh yeah, I also write a weekly newsletter that you can subscribe to – have my style, my voice, and my uh, interesting sense of humor.

The writing for my niche sites and those I generate as a ghost writer and as freelance work are topic focused and are written in a style more fitting the site or assignment.

3. Why do I write what I do?

There are two reasons I write what I do, for income and enjoyment, and those are both because they are part of my business. When I was laid off I realized that I had spent many a year in a selective type of industry and was now a member of the questionable hire “senior employee” demographic. It became time to invest in my entrepreneurial talents.

So for income, I write for this blog and the sites mentioned earlier and as a ghost / freelance writer. Check out this page if you’re interested in hiring me. But it’s all because I simply enjoy writing and the challenge of creating sites, articles, and eventually books.

4. How does my writing process work?

I think I have always enjoyed writing but for many years it was for college or the career and not for enjoyment. I really enjoy writing and have found that I can write on most any informational type topic, I’m not much of a fiction writer except for kid’s books.

I started finding my direction by writing for oDesk and HireWriters, and on Squidoo and Zujava. Writing with strict guidelines and structure is much different than writing blog posts and so beneficial in fashioning your own style.

I gave up using a blog calendar for this site – instead I tend to focus on subjects that will be of value and that often means they become a series of posts. For my niche sites I have a more structured plan and outline for what I write.

When it comes to writing books I create mind maps for chapter titles with a brief description and a listing of tasks to complete. With all my writing I tend to choose a topic and just start writing with a simple idea that comes to life as I type or talk. I often use Dragon Naturally Speaking to get my butt up out of my chair. And then I proof read carefully.

Well there you have it – again I want to thank Misty for the invite, be sure to visit her at Misty and now I happily introduce you to another writer friend.

Introducing Shan Marshall

shan marhallShan calls Telford, Nottingham, United Kingdom home. We both speak English fortunately but you could say that she speaks the Queen’s English, and I love the quaint phrases she uses that are a bit different to American English.

Shan has a great sense of humor and is very supportive, two qualities that easily come across in her writing. Be sure to visit her at Down to Earth where she is an experienced personal strategies coach who works with clients all over the world.


Marilyn T


  1. Marilyn – great news about the Kindle book creations. When do you hope to get the next lot completed?

    Good luck with it 🙂
    Victoria Virgo recently posted…July Review & Monthly Income ReportMy Profile

    • Hi Victoria, thanks for stopping by!
      I hope to have my blogging book completed in the next couple of weeks and then I’m thinking of going back to the Quiz books for kids for some fun.


  2. Marilyn, you know I love your blog but I think the reason I enjoy it most is exactly your reason for #3. You don’t just write for money. You write because you enjoy it. And it truly shows!
    Misty Spears recently posted…Thoughts on WritingMy Profile

    • Thanks for the kind words Misty, much appreciated.
      So pleased that my site can provide value and be entertaining. I’ll have to teach it to get to work on the money making tee LOL.

  3. Your blog has so much information and I found it very helpful since i’m a new blogger. I saw that you began on Odesk, this is just an opinion, I didn’t find it useful.
    Mommy’s Kitchen recently posted…Minced Meat and Leeks PieMy Profile

    • Welcome! I’m so glad you find my site helpful, that means a lot.
      Individual jobs on oDesk are not so promising, but when I worked as part of a writing team for one particular customer that was much more beneficial for molding a writing style. The pay is not much to speak of but the experience was well worth it.
      Thanks for visiting and commenting!

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