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So you have a blog and you’re pretty proud of it but it’s not getting the traffic that you wish it was. You feel like you’ve tried a gazillion things, WordPress apps, widgets, and maybe you’ve even paid for traffic, but there it sits collecting virtual dust. Well don’t feel disillusioned, you are certainly not alone, you are simply feeling the effects of the lonely blogger’s lament.

This is a place where most every blogger has been at one point or another, wondering what they can do to attract more visitors to their blog. Well let me tell you a not so secret, secret. If you want to be a professional blogger, it’s not really about finding ways to attract visitors – it’s more about creating superstar blog content. It is your content that will bring visitors to your blog and also give them reason to return.

Over the next seven days I’m going to help you pinpoint how to write superstar blog content.

Why Do You Want a Blog?

The first thing you have to do is ask yourself why you have a blog. Is it because you have a hobby and wish to share tips and advice, are you a WAH mom sharing family fun, recipes, and bargains, or are you blogging to provide financial tips and resources? Whatever the reason, you need to understand the true reason why you have a blog.

A professional blog is not simply something trendy that garners attention for a while. It should be something you believe in, something you want to do for a long, long time. It should be the type of blog you nurture, that grows as you grow. When you blog about something that resonates with you it will come through in your writing and the readers will follow. Don’t be concerned about how fancy your site looks, that will come. Be more concerned about the content of your posts.

Find Your Passion

Grab yourself a piece of paper and write down the first half a dozen reasons why you blog, if more come to mind then that’s even better. Now take a look at that list, even read it out loud, and highlight those parts that strike a chord because those words are going to help you know why you blog.

The list of reasons you have created should evoke emotion, they should uncover something you’re passionate about because that’s where superstar content comes from. Take that list and create a couple sentences that state this passion.

I’ll give you an example.

Say you’re in the dog niche, you could write:

  • “I blog about taking care of dogs from puppy training to senior care”

Or you could write:

  • “I’m passionate about helping you train, treat, and pamper your four-legged friend so you have a long happy life together”

The first sentence states the facts but has no emotion. The second exudes your enthusiasm, which will show in your writing and you will have no problem coming up with stellar content. Take a look at your list and illustrate your passion for your blog topic.

Please leave a comment below to let us know you’re on your way to writing super star blog content. I look forward to seeing you tomorrow when we look at part two in our series and talk about the importance of believability.

Marilyn T


  1. I’m looking forward to your series. I started my blog about a year ago and I would definitely like to see more traffic. I am really passionate about what I write about, which is parenting and lifestyle. I’m excited every time I write a new post and I would love to write Super Star Content!

  2. Hi, Marilyn …

    This is a great topic to expand upon, and I’m looking forward to reading more. At this stage of my life, there are many things I’m passionate about, so gaining some insight into how I can capture them into a blog or two is compelling.

    I’ll be coming along for the ride …


  3. Hi Marilyn, having thought about whether a passion is a necessary factor in a business, I have come to a conclusion that if not passion, at least there needs to be interest in the subject. In my opinion it is not possible to be passionate about everything we find interesting, but doing something just because it is “hot” but of no interest to us will eventually result in a deadlock. This happened to me, although it was not related to blogs, but to a business model. Thank you for raising the point! 🙂

    • Hi Galina,
      Nice to see you. Passion I believe, comes out with varying intensity based on our personalities and desired end results. For example, while trying this, that, and many other things to get where I am now, these avenues helped pinpoint my focus to areas such as this blog where I can strengthen and share my passion. Indeed a very strong interest may be enough for success, it can also help to uncover an unrecognized appetite for delving into a topic further.

  4. Not sure I write superstar anything – I hope what I write is useful though! Yes, I could do with a bit of a zing – I’ll be following your series Marilyn 🙂

  5. I love this series, Marilyn! It falls in line with what I’m doing right now with Tiffany, so this helps me immensely! Thanks!

  6. Awesome timing Marilyn! I’m focusing on two specific niche sites this month with content right now so I’m looking forward to this series!

    • Hello Ladies, I’m so glad you will be following along and I truly hope it helps your online efforts. I’m finding your series are very helpful as well.

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