How to Write Super Star Blog Content – the Importance of Focus

focusPart 3 of 7

So far in this seven part series we have looked at the importance of passion and believability in molding super star blog content. Today let’s take a look at focus and the significance it has in developing your captivating content.

Focus is an interesting word; the dictionary definition states “to create a clear image” as with a camera lens being adjusted for a clear picture, and “to concentrate on” as in needing to pay close attention. As bloggers building our online business we hear comments such as “I’ve lost my focus” or “I can’t seem to focus” and there are a slew of articles with a vast array of suggestions to help you bet your focus back on track.

When it comes to writing super star blog content, there are simply just two things you must focus on. There are solely two areas where you must concentrate and place your emphasis and they are:

  • Knowing the Purpose of your Blog
  • And Recognizing your Audience

Focus on Your Blog’s Purpose

When we talked about finding your blog passion we uncovered that captivating content comes from your dynamic interest in your blog topic. Your passion comes from your desire to share, educate, help, or coach your readers. It comes from your wanting to connect with them and give them viable information and targeted solutions. When you get in tune with how you will deliver this interest, you uncover your blog’s purpose.

The purpose of your blog acts much like a company’s mission statement; it defines their reason for existing and their direction. The same is true for your blogging career. It is important that you know the purpose of your blog and dig deep down to feel it come alive. The purpose of your blog is like its blood flow that keeps it thriving and your thoughts and energy focused.

Think back for a moment when you were going through one of those times that you lost focus, a time when you were searching for blog topics, and when you felt like you just couldn’t get anything done. Why do you think that happened? I believe it was because you didn’t have a clear vision of your blogs purpose. Am I right?

Don’t be concerned, it happens to us all but you will have the remedy; you will have the magic elixir to bring your focus back on track by the time you finish reading.

Focus on Your Blog’s Audience

In order to write super star content you need know your audience and be able to talk to them. Your blog posts must do more than simply provide information or answers, they must provide the information or answers that your audience is looking for. Your mission is to always have their needs in mind and when you start connecting with them they will help by providing you with topics to post about.

You see writing blog content becomes a two-way street. When you write informative, helpful, and entertaining articles with the WIIFM concept or actually the “what’s in it for them” concept, your audience will get involved. And when they do you get involved, you create a dialogue with them that helps you stay focused on providing the content that they are looking for.

So let’s create that magic elixir and put in writing your prescription to success for the next time you struggle with focus issues. Go back to that list you made in part one of this series when you identified your passion and the reason for wanting to maintain a blog. Combine that purpose with the recognition of your audience and create your mission statement, which in the blogging business is referred to in part as your tagline.

Your tagline states succinctly and directly the purpose of your blog and will bring your mind’s focus back around every time you read it. Keep it handy and read it often but also keep in mind that it is okay to revamp this tagline as you and your blog grow.

What is the focused tagline for your blog?

I’ll see you again tomorrow when we take a look at providing entertaining content for part four of the How to Write Super Star Blog Content.

Marilyn T


  1. It’s worth keeping one’s tagline visible when writing the post – along with an image of the person you’re writing for. It’s far too easy to get distracted!

  2. My tagline is “learn by doing” and this is exactly what I teach on my blog. I have many tutorials and strive to continually add more so I can teach people by showing them how to DO rather than just tell. 🙂

    Great series, thanks!

  3. Thank you for giving us another day of awesome advice for better content Marilyn. One of my niche sites is a photography related site, but it’s pretty specific in that it just focuses on the business aspect. I lose focus in it quite often actually, well at least it sometimes strays from the original purpose. The problem is I was a photographer for 10 years, and so while I love the business aspect of it, I can’t help but sometimes lean towards the technical nature of photography. But you’re right, just focusing on my tag line which “Learn the Best Practices for Owning and Operating a Startup Photography Business” gets me back in the mindset I need to be in so I can start writing what people are there for…which is NOT to learn about photography.

  4. Loving this series so far Marilyn. I don’t have a tag line… I need one. Focus, Jan focus!

  5. Great post! I got here from the Article Writing Challenge on Facebook, but I’m going to have to go back and read the first two parts of the series! Excellent advice!


  6. Hi Marilyn,

    I forget to add the tagline to the blog from time to time, and it is so important! Agree wholeheartedly with you about keeping up the focus and blog readers’ interests at heart. This can be sometimes forgotten. Blogging is such a competitive area, and only those blog writers who provide consistent focused high quality content aimed at serving customers’ interests – rather than their own – will thrive. Love your mini-series!

    Best wishes,


  7. I am really loving your series so far Marilyn! It’s definitely Super Star Content 🙂 I’m learning so much!

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