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If you have children in the room I hope you didn’t read the blog title out loud, we wouldn’t want them to get the wrong idea. And I don’t want you to get the wrong idea, so let me explain.

I certainly don’t condone stealing someone else’s content and pretending that it is yours, instead I am in a sense recommending that you steal their ideas. Actually you are not stealing at all, you are assembling ideas.

At one point the painter Picasso said “good artists copy, great artists steal”. Now I can’t speak for Picasso but it is my assumption based on the quality of his work that he was referring more to the notion of stealing ideas to help nurture and invigorate our own masterpieces.

As bloggers we read a number of other blog posts on the topic of our blog, you can call them competitor blogs I suppose. When we read these blogs we are often looking for ways to educate ourselves and gather information which can also give us ideas for our own blog posts.

Even when you know what your blog topic will be, you may find it beneficial to read other posts on that topic. Take a look at how their post was presented, the information they shared, and if appropriate use similar concepts to compose your blog post in your own words. This may help to strengthen the quality of your blog post content.

This technique is especially useful when trying to come up with blog post ideas or titles. I’ll often have a blog topic in mind that I feel is too general and should be more focused and streamlined, so I’ll read various blog posts to help me narrow down the topic.

For example, I could have written one very long blog post titled “How to Write Superstar Blog Content” using two or three of the topics in this series. But that would have made the post very long and I’m sure I would have lost your interest fairly early on. Instead I read a few other blog posts regarding blog content and it helped me outline my titles and come up with a blog series as opposed to one very long and boring blog post.

Our mentors are great resources for stealing ideas and I hope they’ll understand if one of mine happens to be reading. In a sense when you do, you are doing exactly what they taught you – you are learning from their posts and using their material to enrich your own ideas. You are not simply duplicating their posts as posting it as your own, although you may use an excerpt and give them credit within your post. You are instead using their wisdom to help fill your idea pool with gold for writing super star blog content.

Where do you look for ideas, have you ever stolen – I mean assembled ideas?

Tomorrow in part six of the How to Write Super Star Blog Content series, we take a look at borrowing content, and yes with permission.

Marilyn T


  1. Marilyn, I think it is the concept of not reinventing the wheel, and standing on the shoulders of giants – it’s how it’s presented that counts – we need to give it our own spin and voice!

  2. I am a firm believer that there is nothing original anymore. Almost everything you see had inspiration from something else. For my niche sites especially, I get a lot of inspiration, especially with articles titles from “competitor blogs”. I definitely don’t use their content, but the topic if interesting and I see it’s doing well in Google, I will often times write my own version, with my own thoughts and spin on it.

  3. Inspiration comes from many places and it’s perfectly acceptable as long as you aren’t plagiarizing the material. Using a blog post as fuel for your writing fire is perfectly fine and encouraged.

    Great post!

  4. This post reminds me of the quote – “There is nothing new under the sun but there are lots of old things we don’t know”
    Show me any person who doesn’t recycle and expand on inspiration and ideas from others and I’ll show you a liar 🙂 I “steal” all the time!
    The key point you make is don’t copy word for word. Great post!

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