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In this edition we will mind our manners and talk about borrowing content and not stealing. The process of borrowing content is quite prevalent in the blogging community as it is important to keep your blog active, relative, and energized. For many this can be a challenge, whether it’s because they have limited time or they don’t feel they can write fresh quality content.

Sure they can outsource and hire professional writers, ghost writers, freelancers to write for them and BTW should you be looking for someone, drop me a line. I would be happy to help. But there is another great method for what you could call borrowing content and it is perfectly legit.

Using PLR for Blog Content

If you’re not familiar with the acronym PLR it stands for private label rights and it can be for many the answer for keeping your blog rich with quality content. You can find free PLR material but I’d advice staying clear of those sites as their articles are frequently poorly written and include grammatical and spelling errors at least as far as American English is concerned.

Another caution too, is that if you are offered or find a PLR pack that includes a ridiculously high number of articles such as 100, 300, or even 600 articles, you can be assured that the quality will be poor. Stay far, far away.

I recommend paying for PLR content, the quality is typically better, and the good news is that for the most part it is a very economical solution. Also, when looking for PLR opt for current content, if possible check the date when it was written as some floating around out there has been there for years.

There’s plenty of good PLR content available and I will share a couple great resources in a moment. Using PLR content can certainly be a time-saving measure and it can even be a means of stimulating your own creative juices. I have often found that simply reading quality PLR I purchased helps me expand upon their writing and occasionally one post may generate two or three additional blog posts that I create myself.

Now when you use PLR content by all means do not simply use it “as is”, remember you want your blog to fit your style, your voice, your personality so that you are still delivering what your reader is looking for. Yes it is true that when you purchase PLR content you typically have full rights to its content meaning that you can simply use it as is and place your name on it is the author. But it is highly unlikely that any other author writes exactly as you do. So by all means give a little rework.

PLR Resources

Now I mentioned that I would share a couple of excellent PLR resources, so here I give you –

PLR Productions – This site provides terrific articles written by Bonnie Gean and she sells 400 word articles for roughly $1 each – this is a super bargain. She
offers articles and reports on a variety of topics including product reviews. Check out this link to PLR Productions.

PLR Mini Mart – This site provides a huge library of PLR articles written by Tiffany Lambert who’s known as the Ghost Writer to the gurus. Tiffany has been writing and producing quality content for a number of years and it shows. Her topics cover everything from relationships to dieting, blogging to dog training. Whatever your niche her store is sure to have a PLR pack you can happily use. Check out this link to PLR Mini Mart.

Have you used PLR content in your blog?

Tomorrow in the final post in this series, How to Write Super Star Blog Content, we take a look at making a commitment.

Marilyn T


  1. I don’t use PLR on my blog. As you said Marilyn, it is important to inject a bit of “you” into posts and I find it’s easier to start from scratch than rewrite PLR.

  2. Great tips Marilyn! I need to buy up some of Bonnie’s PLR so I can include her in my resource list too! I am a huge fan of PLR, but it’s definitely wise to research before buying.

  3. It’s really sad that some people equate ALL plr with bad writing, but this isn’t the case! If people would do their due diligence and check out the material, they would see there’s plenty of quality PLR to be had at a rock bottom price!

    Thanks for the mention, Marilyn!

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