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Yesterday, in part one of this series we looked at finding the reason you blog. Not simply the reason, but instead the passion, the why you love to blog that will cause your super star content to flow.

Continuing with that, today we look at believability. To my way of thinking, passion and believability go hand-in-hand. When you are passionate about a topic it will come through in your style of writing, it will mean that you believe you can provide value and will become a treasured resource for your readers.

The ability to come across as believable I suppose can be learned without evoking passion, but in the end your reader comes to the conclusion that your heart really isn’t in it. In the world of online marketing this is quite prevalent. These snake oil types are not blogging because they’re passionate about the topic; instead they are passionate about taking your money. In time you recognize them for who they are and you stop following.

Becoming Believable

Believability creates trust and trust creates a following of readers who look forward to your superstar blog content. Interestingly, becoming believable is not really something that can be learned in books, although you can learn traits from believable people. Becoming believable is about opening up and becoming you. It’s about allowing yourself to write in a manner that evokes a piece of you.

When you listen to your true voice, you write in your own style of writing, and allow your personality to show. You could say you become comfortable. If you want to write superstar content you must let your reader get to know you. Not necessarily the details of our life, unless that’s your style, but how you think and how you want to help them.

As you do so you will find that you begin to change the look of your site helping it to reflect a bit of you and your personality. This is another step in your believability transformation.

Provide Value

Writing believable content though is about more than just sharing your personality. Your content must also provide value which can come in the form of delivering fact, and offering training or support. Your content must first and foremost be something that interests your reader, otherwise why would they be there. In the vast world of the Internet information abounds, we can all Google just about any topic to find answers and resources.

When you become one of these resources, your content will be read because it’s a blending of useful information mixed with your humor, compassion, and believability. It is entertaining. No not like a stage show, although if you can add a bit of song and dance to your words – go for it.

Think for a moment about other bloggers you follow, is it because their site is bland but full of information or is it because you like their style, their presentation – that something that makes the information they provide more entertaining and readable.

How about you – do you impart a bit of you in your blog?

Join us again tomorrow for part three of the How to Write Super Star Content, when we take a look at the importance of focus.

Marilyn T


  1. I’m definitely one who reads for personality…but it HAS to contain good quality information. As much as I want facts, stats and examples, if it’s a boring read, it won’t hold my attention. Granted…I tend to be fairly nutty in my own posts so maybe that’s why.

  2. I have a passion for what I write about on my blog and write I am working on finding my voice. I really hope readers can see my passion and that my posts are full of believability. Love the series so far. I’m going to share in in a couple of FB blog groups that I’m a part of.

  3. Hi Marilyn,

    Great article! The style in which I write at times depends upon the topic. With some things I’m more playful and free. At other times I’m more serious, but lately I’m focusing on what type of style I want to have overall. I think you can have the same tone of voice, yet be playful at the same time. I would like for my style to be more personal and relaxed, but serious and informative at the same time. Of course the more you write, the more you evolve.


    • Hi Cynthia –
      Great point about the more you write, the more you evolve. I would say that your posts are beginning to reflect a relaxed yet serious and informative style. Keep up the nice work!

  4. It’s hard to put my finger on the style of writing that keeps me reading.

    I love a good, straight to the point article, but when someone’s witty, or snarky, or makes good comparisons, I find that I read more and I look forward to reading more.

  5. Hi Marilyn,

    I know that I am the exception to the rule, but I am like Sgt Friday on that old (black and white) TV show, probably from the 60’s, who used to say, “Just the facts, Ma’m, just give me the facts.” It does not matter to me about the site or blogger’s personality if he or she has something that I am interested in learning or reading about.

    The only thing that turns me off is if the writing is really poor or it goes on and on by getting side-tracked and off topic. I don’t seem to have patients for that. But, I am sure that depends on whether I feel rushed or not that day. 🙂

    • Hi Rochelle,
      Ah Sgt. Friday, I agree that there are sites I visit based on the content only, and I totally agree that a site poorly written will cause me to leave instantly.

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