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Today’s topic is about writing entertaining content and by that I mean writing content that is simply enjoyable to read. Content that is merely a regurgitation of information, that is dry and boring will be about as fun to read as a school textbook. Your blog needs to show life, show excitement, show a piece of you, and draw your audience in. In this way, it becomes entertaining and interesting to read.

Previously I mentioned the importance of finding your voice, finding your own style, and making it come forth in your blog posts. For me, you will find that I have a rather dry sense of humor and will from time to time add in an anecdote or two. In order to create superstar blog content you want your audience to get to know you and you can only do that by letting them see a bit of who you are.

Tell a story

Certainly it is true that not all blog topics lend themselves to a bit of humor and levity, but they can be nonetheless entertaining to read. You can do this by telling a story or by giving examples. For instance, if you had a personal experience regarding the topic of your blog post include that, online business people like to read about the successes and mistakes of fellow bloggers.

Take a look at the events in your everyday life and think about how they can be blended into your blog posts. There are often events in our lives that others can relate to and can be tied into the topic of our post. For example, in one of my Fab Friday Blog Shares I mentioned that I was talking to my dog Boomer as I often do, and he gave me the inspiration for that week’s shared topic. Now you’re right he can’t talk but he did go over to his water dish for a pretty extensive drink and that brought to mind the phrase a thirst for knowledge, which then became the blog post topic.

Sometime back I used the story of Joe Ades, a man who became a millionaire by selling a simple potato peeler and correlated his selling technique with facets of building online businesses. There are stories all around us, they can be about people we meet, movies we watch, or children’s recitals we attend. The important part is to use them to make your blog posts entertaining.

You-your-audience-your-contentStay on topic

Now telling a story works very well at engaging your audience and keeping their attention. But it’s only beneficial to your blog when you stay on topic. Writing about the antics of celebrities or the weekend sports may be entertaining but possibly not pertinent to the topic of your blog.

Always come back to the focus of your blog and make sure that the point of your story is still in context. Make sure that the topic relates to the reason your visitor came to your blog. For example, if your blog is about raising a dog to make them a member of the family by teaching them to play and properly interact, don’t include blog posts about specific dog health issues. Leave those for the more vet focused blogger to handle.

The bottom line when writing entertaining super star content is to keep it light and friendly. Make it interesting by combining a story that relates to your blog topic and exudes your special touch.

Please share your ideas in the comments below on how you make your blog entertaining.

See you soon when in part five of the How to Write Super Star Blog Content series, we take a look at stealing, you won’t want to miss it.

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  1. All of the points you make are really important. I especially like when there is a personal story or one relevant to the topic that I can relate to. I think the stories should be inspiring in that you can see how the person gained from what occurred or what they did. Good post.

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