How to Set Up Your Contact Form with Captcha

When setting up your blog or website it is important to include the means for your reader to contact you, and other than a comments section below a post the best way to do this is naturally through your Contact page.

Now I understand that many find having to enter Captcha codes in order to submit a comment quite frustrating. I would tend to agree because you want to make leaving comments as easy as possible for your readers. You want them to leave many comments, so certainly don’t make it so difficult that they simply click away.

I do though strongly recommend setting up Captcha codes on your Contact page because it is a popular target for spammers and hacking robots. So presuming that you use the WordPress platform for your blog or website, today I’m going to help you set up that Captcha code on your Contact page.

All you need are two free and easy to install WordPress plug-ins:

  • Contact Form 7 – by Takayuki Miyoshi
  • Really Simple Captcha – by Takayuki Miyoshi

12 Quick and Easy Steps –

  1. Begin by logging into your WordPress dashboard – scroll down to Plugins tab and select Add New. In the search field enter the names of the above mentioned plugins, install, and activate them both.
  2. Click on the settings for Contact Form 7
  3. Click on edit under the words Contact form
  4. Toward the right is a drop down that reads Generate Tag
  5. Select CAPTCHA
  6. I don’t change the color or anything, I simply set the Image size to Medium
  7. Then below that it will tell you to copy this code and paste into the form to the left
  8. Go ahead and select the code and paste the info below all the text on the left
  9. Click the Save button located toward the upper right
  10.  Your Contact Form code has been revised per your Captcha settings and you will find it listed toward the top of the screen. You now need to copy that code and add it to your Contact Page or Widget text.
  11.  We will add it to the Contact Page. So go to the Pages tab, scroll down to All Pages, and then click to edit your Contact Page. Add this line of code to the page below any text you may have already entered and click Update
  12.  Now view the Contact Form on your site and all should be good. You may need to refresh the page if the site was already open. That’s it, easy peasy. You can visit mine here to see what it looks like.


What I like about Really Simple Captcha is that it is so easy to install and the Captcha code is something quite straight-forward and easy for your visitor to enter.

What did you think of this tutorial? Was it helpful and easy to understand?

Is there anything you would like to better understand within WordPress? If so, let me know!

Marilyn T


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  1. Great article post Marilyn!

    I was thinking of installing a captcha on my website as well, but since I’ve blacklisted the contents of the url that was filtering past Akismet to leave comment spam, I haven’t had any further problems.

    I think captchas are best for large websites that get an extremely large amount of traffic. As for my little website, it’s not needed at the moment. But I agree, it is a good way to prevent spam.

    • Hi Cynthia,
      Yes blacklisting content is a great plan but I like to run the extra precaution as well. Maybe if no other reason than to run with the big guys : )

      Thanks for the visit!

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