How to Make Money Blogging

make moneyThe content for today’s post is brought to you in video format – it’s a bit more enlightening than simply reading my wordy prose. The topic as you probably guessed from the title above is how to make money blogging. Catchy isn’t it?

I provide a recommendation that you may find surprising and then five categorized tips for bringing it all together in an easy to follow sketch video format.

The tips I share with you come from lessons I have learned along the way by making mistakes and by being smart enough to listen to many bloggers who get it. Bloggers like Pat Flynn, Brian Clark, Tiffany Lambert, Bonnie Gean, and others. Be sure to leave a comment below to let me know if you agree with my strategy. (Click the box in the lower right corner for full screen or watch on YouTube)


Video: How to Make Money Blogging

What would you add to my tips?


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To your hard-earned success!
Marilyn T


  1. Enjoyed the video Marilyn.

    Your so right, about focusing on content. Seems to be lacking from many blogs. Seems it’s more about just getting something up. If more bloggers took time to create their content, would pay off.
    Ron Killian recently posted…Profitable Blogging BlueprintMy Profile

    • Welcome Ron,

      So nice to see a new visitor and glad you enjoyed the video.

      I think too many bloggers think it’s simply fine to post anything on their blog but you’ll really only find a following by posting quality content that your reader can connect with.


  2. I’m terrible, rarely “sell” on my blog – I do need to push the calls to action. Great tips!
    Jan Kearney recently posted…Ecommerce Content Marketing – 24 Expert Tips [Infographic]My Profile

    • Thanks Jan,
      I think when we wear our blogging hat we tend to think just about the content, at some point though it’s important to put that marketer cap on as well.

  3. Great tips to quit trying to make money and try to make quality content that your readers are looking for. On the other hand I have a tendency not to sell anything at all, that I have to watch if my blog is not going to just be a time-consuming enjoyable hobby.
    Ana recently posted…Divorce In AmericaMy Profile

    • Ana you’re certainly not alone there, many people find it difficult to sell and especially to ask for the sale. Somehow we tend to consider it an imposition when it’s really just a matter of business.

      Thanks for watching!

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