How to Get Things Done as an Online Marketer

blog-editorial-calendar-todayIn my last post, Basic Setup Tips for Struggling Online Marketers, I shared with you what I feel are the necessary items required for setting up your foundation for success as an online marketer.

With those basics now in place, let’s take a look at how to stay organized and get things done.

Create To-Do Lists

Yes I said it – I really don’t feel you can stay organized and focused without your handy to-do lists. But keep in mind, these lists are only useful if you actually list tasks focused on your online marketing business or training and you seriously accomplish each.

It’s easy to list out routine tasks that you’re sure to do each day, but those are not to-do list worthy. You planned on doing those anyway – right? Items like check email, Facebook, Twitter, G+ are not tasks for a to-do list. In fact they can be distractions for completing the real tasks at hand.

I can’t tell you what to write on your lists because well they’re your lists. But these tasks should pertain to learning whatever it is you need help with.
Topics like:

  • Learning how to write compelling content
  • Understanding Google Analytics
  • Building your website / blog in WordPress
  • Creating graphics
  • Coming up with headlines that get attention
  • Niche selection
  • Building your list
  • Finding forums and social sharing groups
  • Molding your success mindset
  • Avoiding the next bright shiny object

Yes these are broad topics but they are all pertinent to your becoming a successful online marketer. Take the time to investigate your topics and then break them down into bite sized pieces for learning and fulfilling, these smaller tasks become the items to list on your to-do lists.

making listsStart by creating a weekly to-do list Monday morning or Sunday evening. Then each day or the evening before, create your daily to-do list. I prefer to do mine as I finish up one day so that I can start off running the following morning.

These can be handwritten or created through Notepad, MS Word, or MS Excel, whichever is your style. Then if digital print them out to use as check off sheets. Keep these close to your work area because they are the notes you will come back to when you find yourself drifting off course.

These to-do lists also act as your time schedule in order to keep you on task. Whichever day, or week if it’s a larger project, you assign the task to becomes your time of completion. If there are scheduled webinars or podcasts you want to attend, jot them down on your to-do list and plan the remainder of your day/week around the event.

Don’t be concerned if you can’t scratch off each item on your lists daily, most of us tend to list more than we can realistically accomplish in one day. Simply adjust your next day schedule accordingly. Occasionally you’ll be on fire and be able to scratch off every item and then some – it all balances out.

blog buildingIf you are blogging as part of your online marketing business, which I strongly suggest you do, set up a blog editorial calendar of topics and times to post. You can always write the post when the creative juices are flowing and then schedule it for publication on staggered days.

Unless you have a to-do list with a time schedule, you can spend hours on some tasks and get distracted with sideline information.  Decide how often you need to do each task and how much time you have available. If you’re marketing on a part time basis, then you could for instance, write on Monday, post to forums or social networking on Tuesday and Saturday, publish blog posts on Wednesday and Friday, and conduct keyword research on Thursday.

It’s simply about setting a schedule!

Take Sunday or some other day as an online free day to get out, take a brain break and enjoy yourself. Everyone needs a break sometime and it’s so easy as an online marketer to sit at the computer far too long. Not only is this bad for your eyes and posture, it also leads to mindless munching.

** Bonus time-saving tip – turn off instant messengers, email notification, and social media while you’re focused on a to-do task.

To your hard-earned success,

Marilyn T


  1. I never set up a blogging schedule (other than the UBC) because I know I would never look at the calendar and post when I should.

    I do it “when the mood” hits me because these are my best times to share what’s inside. When I write “on the fly” the message is much stronger than when I purposely sit down to write, just for the sake of writing.

    Blog schedules may work for some people, but they don’t work for me!

    • We’re all different aren’t we. Some really need that schedule and others like yourself would find it restrictive. The real secret is to go with what really works best for each of.

  2. Another great post! I like looking at the bigger topics, then digging down to learn more about, or spend more time on, the narrower topics. I like that you not only talk about the points, but that you give examples and even links to where readers can get resources or help.

  3. Great post Marilyn! I love love love lists. Ya, I’m a bit obsessive about them. I also am a big fan of the Google calendar to help me keep my blogging straight.

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