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I am a freelance / ghost writer and I would be happy to write for you. I have experience writing in both an editorial (i.e. business-like) manner and in a more laid-back fun and conversational tone, like I use here on this blog.

It is very important to keep your blog populated with consistent quality content but maybe you simply don’t have the time. Well that’s where I come in. You provide some details of the content you need, hire me, and I’ll go right to work creating that unique quality content for you.

I write on a variety of topics, here are a few ideas –

Amazon product reviews–

  • Kitchen appliances, coffee makers, toys, games, kid’s learning, indoor or outdoor decorations, furniture, yard equipment, power tools

Blog writing –

  • Improving your writing, the importance of a headline, writing to capture the reader’s attention, blogging, learning to blog, better blogging, how to find ideas, where to find content, working at/from home

Health –

  • Eating healthy, healthy foods, healthy cooking, diet plans, health benefits of particular foods, recipes without pictures, weight loss, heart health, breast cancer, depression, anxiety

Attitude –

  • Staying positive, positive thinking, negative thinking, mindset, self-esteem

Dogs –

  • How to select a breed, history of a breed, the A to Z about a particular breed, adopting a dog

Garden –

  • Vegetable gardening, herb gardens, companion gardening, container gardens, garden tools, yard tools, yard decorations

I have written for clients via Hire Writers and oDesk and have written personally on Squidoo, Zujava, this blog, and my other blog – links to these sites can be found below.

Positively You Can

If I can be of service to you as a Writer for Hire, simply click the Hire Me button below to contact me via email. Let me know the approximate article length you would like and what the article should be about. It would be ever so helpful if you provide the article title, the target keywords or phrases, and a basic description of the article. My rates are $0.05 per word, here’s a few examples:

500 words – $25.00
550 words – $27.50
624 words – $31.20

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Thank you in advance my friend for the opportunity!

Marilyn Thompson