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Where did I go? Well I decided to clean things up and get the business ball moving. Like many I found myself trying to do too much at one time and as a result I wasn’t getting much of any good quality done. Then some words I heard the other day seemed to resonate loudly. “Pick something and learn it, master it, become an expert. It can be on anything, just stay focused.”

I’m not sure why those words made a difference now because I have heard them or others similar many times. But maybe my ears were truly open this time and were listening and actually “heard” the words.

So I went about cleaning up what needed my attention and what didn’t. I stopped three websites I had and chalked them up to experience. They weren’t producing and I didn’t want to spend the time to perk them up, so bye-bye. I then made a list; you know how I like lists, of what I was going to focus on to make money. After all this is a business and if I’m not making money, well I have no business.

I then put a timeline on each of these focus points and gave them each measurable action steps to hold myself accountable. This list is posted on my office wall where I see it daily and it stares back at me, because by gosh, I love working at home. But to continue to do so I need to generate an income, not just pocket change but a true income.

So it is time to make great things happen here and beyond and I think you will like the change. Like the sign on the left says “There are seven days in the week and someday is not one of them!”


Marilyn T

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