Happy Fab Friday!

wedding-anniversaryToday April 4th is my wedding anniversary and I can happily say that I’ve been married to my best friend for 22 years. I’m so happy to be one of the lucky gals.

There are all kinds of superstitions concerning the weather on your wedding day to supposedly predict whether it will survive or not. Well ours must have been destined to last because we experienced rain, snow, thunder & lightning, and then sunshine as the ceremony started. What wonderful memories.

This week I have blog posts to share that I believe you will find of value – a questionable move by Copyblogger, social media tips, and marketing insights. Plus a tidbit of entertainment

Please enjoy!

1. The last thing you want is a boring blog, right – The Top 4 Reasons Why Your Blog Is Boring

2. An interesting look at how Google may be changing the world of commenting – Why we’re Removing Comments on Copyblogger 

3. Great tip on using social media the right way – 10 Signs You’re Using Social Media Wrong 

4. Do you have an elevator pitch? It works for a tagline as well – 4 Tips for Crafting the Perfect Elevator Pitch 

5. Are you building an email marketing lit? – How to Build a Killer Email Marketing List for Your Business 

Now for this week’s entertainment –

Since it’s my anniversary I thought I’d share a song that my husband used to steal my heart

Richard Marx – Right Here Waiting

Marilyn T


  1. Happy Anniversary Marilyn!

    You’ve provided a great list with some really interesting blog topics and content. Didn’t now Copyblogger had removed comments. I don’t think that’s what Google considers guest bloggers. 🙂 I know it’s an experiment, but seriously…

  2. Happy anniversary!

    those look like great resources too. Thanks!


  3. Happy Anniversary, Marilyn and many more! The song is wonderful – I listened to the entire thing. Great memories. 🙂

    Copyblogger can take a hike after what they pulled. For us, indeed! They don’t care about their customers/followers based on what they’re pulling now.

  4. Happy Anniversary Marilyn! Congrats on 22 years – what an achievement 🙂

    Great reading list again – I agree with you the CopyBlogger move is a tad questionable. I’d would have rather they’d been upfront with their reasons than the we’re doing it for you spin.

    • Thanks so much Jan I’m indeed fortunate, sometimes I think he knows me better than I know myself. Very grateful!
      Certainly struck me as astonishingly sudden for a group such as CopyBlogger.

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