Growing Your Affiliate Market Presence

affiliate conversionsOnce you learn the basics of affiliate marketing and have a few successes, you’ll want to know about expanding your profits. You’re going to hear a lot of people repeat the phrase, “wash, rinse, repeat” and trust me it can get irritating and frustrating as it infers that creating one successful affiliate marketing site places you on easy street.

Wash – Rinse – Repeat

What it really means, is that once you start seeing success with your current tactics, you’ll want to replicate them and make more money. There are a few ways you can do this as an affiliate marketer looking for growth.

First, you can go into more niche markets. If you know that your strategies are working in the parenting niche, for example, you can expand into another niche like parenting and fitness. Just remember, you must have plenty of time to manage the number of sites you create.

Test Your Market

One good way to test a market without putting an entire site together is to use a third party site like Hubpages – where you can create a page on the topic. If it profits on Hubpages and ranks well, then you’ll have an idea of its viability if you were to invest time into building a separate site for it.
You can also grow your profits by expanding on the products you’re promoting. Let’s suppose you built a site about baby strollers for example, you can build on that by creating similar niche sites, like baby car seats, baby clothes, baby swings, and so on.

Create Home Sites

Once you start promoting more products, you might want to build a home site that links to all of these mini topics. So for example, you could build a main parenting site that links to your other sites on strollers, baby bottles, car seats and more. This is a super way to drive more traffic to each of your sites.
You can also look into other affiliate programs to boost your commissions. If you’re only promoting on Amazon for example – check out Commission Junction, Share-a-Sale, LinkShare, and so on.

If you’re only on ClickBank right now take a look at JVZoo, Warrior Plus, and even Amazon in the book or Kindle departments. Those can tack on extra commissions to your profits.
Another growth factor is obviously traffic. You should be studying various ways to boost traffic to your affiliate sites and be working at building a subscriber list so you can communicate with them repeatedly. It’s a simple equation –

More traffic = more conversions
Conversions = $$$

When you’re ready to make the leap, you can grow your affiliate income by becoming a product creator or writing a book about your affiliate experiences. Your book allows you to promote the tools and courses that helped you along the way and inside your course, you could link to a keyword tool such as Power Suggest Pro, for example – and make a commission off of that.

Always be thinking about where you can earn a commission, how you can promote, and then link to all possible resources.

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