Great Bloggers have Great Relationships with their Readers

Customer_loveA blogging business is no different than a brick and mortar business when it comes to the customer. The key element is that you need to connect.

A store front business needs to provide value and superb in-person customer service. A blogging business is no different other than you’re not in person.

Having a relationship with your readers means that they value your blog – they subscribe, and they share the link to it with other people. You want that type of connection because as a professional, the traffic and branding that you gain will be priceless.

When blogs have a loyal readership, they enjoy a fantastic word of mouth (i.e. social media) traffic flow. Sure many bloggers are out there buying links back to their site and paying people to help them get traffic – I don’t recommend this as it’s temporary and it may ultimately do your site more harm than good. And face it, these aren’t loyal followers.

Sure you’ll read how many so called bloggers earned money through their blog this way because someone clicked a link or an advertisement paid out, but this is not a blogging business and maybe I’m old fashioned but I don’t consider this – good business.

It really is true – you can build your reading audience for free or at least for very little out of pocket expense. Hot-Topic

How? First, pick topics people want to know about. If you love the topic but there‘s no interest or desire by others to know about it then you’ll never have a blogging business. – A blog yes, but not a business.

Part of your job in relationship building is to listen to your audience and meet their needs. You want to pull out their questions so you can answer them. You want to find their problems so that you can solve them. When you do, then they will come back and you have a following.

There are many ways you can do this.

I always suggest starting with preliminary keyword research to find out what people in your niche want to know. Always start with Google Adwords which is now the Google Planner Tool and then do further research through Market Samurai and UberSuggest. Let’s look at an example –

Sticking with women’s health let’s use menopause as an example, if you’re not a woman or in that age group just work with me here. Go to and type in the phrase “what are menopause”.

This is known as a sentence starter – and it gives you some insight as to what people are searching for and hence what type of blog post you might want to write.

Results may be:

  • What are menopause hot flashes like?
  • What are menopause symptoms caused by?
  • What are the best menopause vitamins?

A good keyword tool gives you help on what to blog about. But there’s more that you can do to find topics. You can look in forum threads and see what people are asking and talking about. You can connect with Google news for trending current news topics in your niche. There are many avenues for finding out what your readers are searching for.

Hmm, maybe I’ll create a post about this process in a future series, time will tell.

Have you used in your keyword research?

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