Getting Paid as an Affiliate Marketer

affiliate marketingThis is probably one of your very first questions and let me tell you with some programs it’s not always easy to find a direct answer. As an affiliate marketer you work hard to make a commission and of course, you want your payments (link to #10) as soon as humanly possible. But not all networks or product owners pay out at the same rate.

Third Party Sites

Sites like Zujava pay out two months after the commissions are earned and their pay dates are usually around the middle of the month. Amazon pays out in a similar manner, paying out two months after commissions are made but their pay dates are at the end of the month. So let me explain – if you have a really good month in December for Christmas sales, you won’t see those funds until February.

This is to protect the company from refunds that may occur during that 60-day timespan when most returns are processed. This will really matter more to you when you’re just getting started and perhaps more desperate for money. But over time, you’ll get used to it being on a set schedule.

JVZoo and Warrior Plus

These sites are primarily used for promoting digital info products about various Internet marketing topics and not tangible products. The best thing about these sites is that affiliates may be paid instantly and there are some high quality time relevant products available.

Be sure to read the payout description as it can differ between producers. If it’s a 50% payout, then the product owner gets paid for one sale, and you get paid for the next. Or you might each get half of the payment for each sale. Again, tre you know the process.

One thing about being an affiliate on these sites is that you may have to get whitelisted in order to promote as an affiliate for a product seller. Getting whitelisted means the product owner has to manually approve you to promote his products.

They do this to prevent fraud. The best way to get whitelisted is to introduce yourself to the product owner and show them your site and explain how you plan to promote their product.

ShareaSale and Linkshare

These sites are great for affiliate marketers as they have many companies to work with but they don’t pay you until after they get paid. These means you may not see some payments for 3, 4, or possibly 5 months.


Affiliates who promote products on this system get paid every two weeks like clockwork. They can send a check or do a direct deposit into your bank. If you’ve had refunds they can withhold some funds from the next paycheck.

Individual product sellers who are not on ClickBank, JVZoo or Warrior Plus can also buy software that allows them to run their own affiliate program. You have to use extreme caution here as you usually don’t have any recourse if payments are not delivered.

Some of the marketers are completely above the board and have a firm schedule for payments. Others have ruined their reputation by taking all of the money and then not paying their affiliates – coming up with excuses instead.

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