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Magic Keywords

Isn’t that what we are really looking for when we run through our Keyword Research? We’re looking for those magic keywords and phrases that will make our blog posts, articles, and even websites standout; keywords that will be found by Google and ultimately our audience. Wouldn’t it be great if there was some type of guarantee aligned with those Keywords that targeted traffic would follow?

Well to a degree there is but it doesn’t come by just typing a word or two into the Google Adwords Keyword Tool, selecting your phrase based on total searches and generating your riveting article packed with those keywords. The magical guarantee really comes from trying to think like someone searching for your article topic or niche. It comes from
putting yourself in their shoes and hoping to search as they would. Easy enough right? Well not for me, that is where I have struggled numerous times.

Yes, I feel it is important to use various Keyword Tools because I have yet to find that crystal ball that will provide me with those magically keywords my audience is using in their search. I have used one of those Magic 8 Balls for fun but I’m pretty sure it won’t help me with my keyword research although I haven’t tried.

Now because I’m not selling my own Keyword Research Tool and I’m pretty sure you have used the same tools I use I will just run through my tools of choice in my next post, how I use them and why. I will have two objectives, first maybe I can present a new approach to using an old tool and second maybe you just might be kind enough to share one of your secrets as well.

So before I dive into all that think back to the goal of our research. What again are we looking for? We’re trying to think like someone searching for our article topic or niche.

Let me give you an example and then let’s run a little keyword experiment.  Let’s say a gal runs an expert dog training business within a particular geographic area and she names her business Expert Seattle Dog Trainer for Hire on these criteria. Her business name will probably land in the #1 spot on Google for an exact match search for “Expert Seattle Dog Trainer for Hire” but do people really search like that?  Will they enter those 6 words into Google?

No, what they really search for are the words Dog Training possibly followed by their city name or maybe even their breed of dog and I doubt anyone would use the word “expert” in their search. A much better name is like the one used by my favorite dog trainer “Paws with No Flaws Dog Training”. Again you want to think about the words someone will actually search for.

Now for the experiment, let’s say I want to create a post for this blog about finding the Best Computer Monitor since I work at home. In the comments below please note what words you would Google to find the Best Computer Monitor. I will use this topic for our Keyword Research in my next post to see how our experiment compares.


Be Amazing!
Marilyn T



  1. Let’s see, for Best Computer Monitor:

    best computer monitors, computer monitors, and computer monitor reviews would be where I’d start. Depending on what I found, I might go look at specific ones that people recommended after that to see if I can find some actual user type reviews from people who own that brand or style.

  2. I would either use best computer monitor or the word top instead of best OR I would add the size I wanted.

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