Get a Comfortable Chair

Work at Home Tip #2: Get a Comfortable Chair!

If your Work at Home job places you at a desk or in front of the computer for hours each day then you must have a Comfortable Chair. A descent chair is essential to avoid back pain and eliminate any sort of body stress. It can actually make you feel better, that’s right by utilizing a supportive chair you may actually feel great all day and get more accomplished.

When I first started working at home I was using a standard office chair that we had had for a few years. It was fine for a few short hours as that was all it was intended for but now I was sitting there for hours on end and this chair needed to go.

Invest in a quality made office chair in the price range of $150 – $200 you will be so glad you did. I would select a chair like one of these pictured below, just click the image to look them over. BTW – they are each discounted at least 55%!

Alera Office ChairAlera Swivel Chair Flash Furniture Lumbar Support Chair

I actually have two quite different office chairs because I like the way they provide support in very different ways. My second chair is an Ergonomic Knee Chair like the one below for only $98.31 a 57% savings. I love how it makes me sit up straighter and improves my posture. Sitting in the office chairs shown above I sometimes tend to slouch, yes I admit it. Just click the image to check it out.
knee chair

Make It a Great Day!
Marilyn T



  1. This is so important and something I need to act on. I also slouch and I know it’s bad for me. I am interested to look into that knee chair more!

  2. I’m sure he wants “what’s best for you” : )
    Good luck!

  3. What a great post. Have a comfortable chair is a must. I spend hours upon hours at my desk in my very comfortable chair doing IM. I could not do it if my chair was not comfortable.

    • marilynt says:

      Hi Sam,
      Nice to see you here, sorry for the delay for some reason your comment went to the spam folder.

  4. Hi Marilyn

    Loved your post on those chairs – they do look really comfortable and given that I sit at mine a minimum of 6 hours a day, I think one of those would be an awesome idea. All I have to do now is convince my hubby of the same thing lol.


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