Geeky Products I’m Putting on My Wish List

relaxOkay I know this post is a stretch for the mission of this here blog, but everyone needs to relax once in a while, don’t we? When I relax and put my feet up it’s often with an entertaining movie from Netflix or a classic on one of the old movie stations on cable, or listening to my favorite tunes while reading a good book. (This works wonders for nodding off if a glass of wine is involved).

Well I stumbled onto a few products that I’m putting on my wish list because they’re pretty dang awesome, in my opinion. Take a look –

Amazon Fire TV 
amazon fire tv

I think this just came out today and it looks to be a hot item. The Fire TV is a box that connects to your HDTV and allows you to stream Netflix shows, Prime Instant Video, Hulu Plus, games like “The Walking Dead”, and more.
If you’re an Amazon Prime member you can stream an almost endless listing of shows. I’ve also heard that because Amazon is battling for a larger audience this may become a service available to non-Prim members as well.
The specs on the Fire TV look fabulous although I don’t look to closely at all that, what I do like is that it’s voice activated. Can you say “welcome to Star Trek”. You simply say the show title or a genre, or an actor’s name and it supposedly takes you there. Haven’t tried it so I have to believe them

Underwater Waterproof iPod Bundle 
waterproof ipod bundle

Now for those who know me this is an odd item for my wish list because I don’t swim, nope not a stroke. It’s a fear of water thing. But I do occasionally do water exercise and listening to music would make it less boring.

I can picture this as a must have device for anyone who is an avid swimmer or paddle boarder. Think about it – load in your favorite tunes and have fun in the water for hours. I think I’ll mention it to my neighbor who stops by the gym for a swim each night on his way home, he’ll love it.
Waterproof iPod Bundle CLICK HERE

Strathwood Fire Pit with Table 
strathwood fire pitThis may not seem too geeky but I’d love this for those fair weather nights when the temperatures start too dip at night but you don’t want to go inside quite yet. Set it up on the patio, slide up the chairs, grab a beverage and rest your feet on the edge of the table. Awesome!

Invite friends and make it an evening gathering or settle back with your significant other and watch the stars. For my hubby and me it would be a game of cribbage or some sort. Good company, warm fire, and crackling wood burning – what more could you want.
Strathwood St. Thomas Fire Pit with Table CLICK HERE

What about you, would you add these to your wish list?

Do yourself a favor – relax!

Marilyn T



  1. I’m very interested in the Amazon TV. I’m already a prime member, so this might be perfect. Ideally I’d like to get rid of cable someday (if my wife would only let me).

    The fire pit looks great too! If summer ever comes to West Michigan, I’d love to have some fires!


    • The Amazon TV would be right up your alley Michael and who knows if both Amazon and Google have their way cable may become a thing of the past.
      BTW – The fire pits are even better in overcast weather : )

  2. I love the look of that fire pit/table combo – although I don’t have a garden to use it in. Perhaps a house with a garden should be on my wishlist first followed by an improve British weather request?

  3. Those are awesome! I am especially loving the firepit and table! I think I need one for this summer…

  4. I think this is a great post topic for any blog, because you’re right – we all need to take the time to relax. Or *make* the time, as is likely more the case for many of us. 😉

    I have to say, the fire pit/table combo has me dreaming. Now if we take your Amazon Fire TV and incorporate it into the back patio that I’m envisioning in my mind…looks like a nice little relaxing spot to me. We may just need to add a wine chiller and patio glasses 😉

    • So I’m thinking I need to keep a closer eye on my typos – my previous web address was WAY incorrect. Sorry about that. *blush*

    • Glad to see you here Pamela!
      Now that sounds like a pretty cozy set up to me. Our neighbors invite us over for an outdoor movie a couple times during the summer, it’s so much fun. They don’t have the fire pit table though, hmm : )

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