Friday Share Time

Well yes, here it is Friday once again and that means it is time for the Fab Friday Blog Share. I know, I know, you’ve anxiously been waiting for the next blog share-post haven’t you. : ) Well I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

But first a little public service reminder for you to turn the clocks back this weekend for daylight savings time, unless you live in Arizona or one of the very few places that don’t make the adjustment. Personally, I’d be happy leaving the clocks alone all year long but I guess that messes up the earth’s rotation or some sort.

Let’s move onto the blogs worthy of sharing this week
and a tidbit of entertainment from one of the great blues masters. I actually first listened to Pinetop because of my dog, see the first day we had our adopted pup home I turned on the television to one of the music channels to find some soothing music for him. There played Pinetop Perkins, well Boomer walked over to the speakers, laid right down, and settled in. I guess we found his type of music.

Please enjoy –

1. Super tips you’ve probably read before but should read again – 5 Reasons Why Your Blog Isn’t Bringing Results

2. Great advice to keep your day productive – 10 One-Minute Time Hacks That Will Make You More Productive

3. How many of these terms do you still use? – 9 Old-Fashioned Tech Terms You Still Use Today

4. Do you use Skype in your business? – Using Skype to Build a Business

5. Understanding the technology of a blog post – The Art and Science of Creating a Successful Blog Post

Now This Week’s Entertainment

Pinetop Perkin’s New Boogie Woogie

Marilyn T



  1. Thanks for the Friday share Marilyn!

    And yes…I do still dial phones…in my own way. lol

  2. You find such wonderful posts, Marilyn! I am finding it hard to read everything and stay up to date. ROFL

    • Indeed Bonnie, that is the problem for most of us. If there’s anything you’re really interested in let me know and I will see what I can find.

      Thanks for commenting!

  3. Great reads Marilyn – yes, I do use most of those “old fashioned” tech terms too 🙂

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