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If you have been working in Squidoo, publishing terrific lenses and asking how can I make my lenses look like the Giant Squid’s lenses, how can I make my presentation stand out and look professional? Then I have a few tips here that you may find helpful.

I do not hold the exonerated title of Giant Squid but I have asked myself the same questions and have even spent some money on the answers. But wouldn’t it be great if some of this information was FREE?

You bet it would! So I have put together a list of FREE HTML resources that will help you build those stand out, professional looking lenses you are striving for.  Sure you will still want to purchase a few of those “for pay” products because they can really save you time building your lenses and they will even provide you with tips you may not find for free.

A cautionary word here about these FREE HTML resources, they give you code for various borders, backgrounds, and links but you should have an elementary understanding of HTML to use them properly. As with most computer code a missed “, <, or /> will cause you to spend far too much time retracing your actions and becoming frustrated.

I know, been there – done that far too many times but you know I learned from each experience.



Your #1 resource for FREE Squidoo HTML information hands down is Greek Geek, I wish would have found her Squidoo posts sooner.  You can go right to her Squidoo Lensmaster page here.

Greek Geek posts many lenses listing out the HTML code for Squidoo colors, borders, backgrounds, image alignment, and Squid graphics. These are some of her lenses:


Another excellent Lensmaster resource is Erica Stone known as Sojourn around Squidoo-land. She has generated a number of superb Squidoo products for purchase but here is a great lens that I have referred back to often.
HTML Borders and Backgrounds


Here are some other FREE Squidoo resources, I have used some and others I am still working through but they are all treasures.squidoo

A bountiful of information: Lensmaster N376 using Basic HTML in Squidoo Lenses

I have bookmarked this site as it has saved me hours: Lensmaster Michele89 Squidoo HTML Border and Background Codes

Lensmaster N376 has 2 lenses that are extremely insightful; they are not directed specifically at Squidoo but are still worth bookmarking:


I trust you have found these resources helpful as I wish I had found many sooner. To the experienced Squidoo lens masters reading if you know of other sites that would be helpful please share in the comments below.

This post is part of the Squidoo in Bite Size Pieces Series, check out related posts here.


Happy Trails!
Marilyn T



  1. Thanks for these html resources….I do a bunch of Squidoo lenses so this will really help me out!

    Mary Kathan

  2. Basic HTML works great with Squidoo. I use to find colors I want to use in my lenses, too. (That is not an affiliate link.)

    Thank you for the resources.

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