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Blog orangeAs I visit other websites and blogs for research purposes or entertainment I check out the look of their site while I am there. I look at the basic layout, the colors they have chosen, their taglines, and placements of opt-ins and ads. If I like the site I usually bookmark it for a reference even if it is not in my work at home or internet marketing niche. To me it doesn’t matter what he niche is if I can grab a tip or two from the site.

In the same vein that is one of the many reasons I love being part of the Tiffany Dow Freaking Fantastic Blog and List Building Challenge. Grabbing great tips and ideas from my co-bloggers! I have learned so much by visiting the team’s blog sites and even more from Tiffany and Barney.

Whenever I get handy advice about changing my site I jump right on over and make the changes. No need putting all this work into it if I’m not going to take action on the revisions. So I thought if these ideas and suggestions have helped me I would share the key points with you, maybe you have heard them and maybe not.

First an introduction for those who have not met Barney McKamy, Barney is a member of the Tiffany Dow FFB&LBC and a self-proclaimed propeller head who provides meaningful website advice on his blog Barney also provides a free evaluation of your site if you join his list and ask – I did and greatly appreciate his recommendations.

The following 7 tips are a recap of some of the changes I have made on my blog.

Background Color – make it soothing so that it settles into the background where it belongs and allows your content to take center stage. Depending on your overall theme colors blue is a great color for this.

Give Your Site Space – have your blog open on your screen, close your eyes and when you open them note your first response. Is your site cluttered, is it appealing to the eye, is it easy to navigate? We are all so involved with our sites that sometimes we don’t look at them with our eyes wide open.

Opt-in Boxes – how many do you have? You should have at least one and it should be placed as they say above the fold, the upper right corner of the sidebar is a terrific spot. Add a second to the bottom of each blog post, if visitors like what they read put that opt-in right there so they can take action and join your list.

Anti-Spam Notice – make sure you have an anti-spam statement in your opt-in, it lends creditability! Plus one thing I really didn’t pay much attention to is not to include the auto responder name in the opt-in unless it is an affiliate link. No one really cares.

Use the More Tag Effectively – I became a big fan of the “more” tag after completing the WordPress Crash Course but for it to be effective it should be placed where so that the reader wants to continue reading. I try to place mine somewhat equal to the bottom of my blog image and often mid-sentence enticing the reader to “read more.”

Follow ME! – we all know by now that we need to have social media buttons on our site in one maybe two places. I actually have them in three places with one that begs action “Follow ME!” Don’t just say something like “Please Share” be subtly pushy and guide your reader to take action.

Think Twice About Using Red – at least in regards to your font color. I was using a fair amount of red in my titles until I realized it looked like I was yelling at my audience. So unless you really want to yell take it down a notch, just highlight in bold or italicize your text it works much better.

I’m sure I could continue on but these are the key points I have gleaned from my friend’s helpful advice I trust you find it beneficial.


To your success!
Marilyn T



  1. Hi Marilyn, Great post. I, too, like to go to Barney’s site. I’ve been there twice in the last two days. He’s got something going and his site is not accessible right now. I miss it.

    I have found so many participants in this challenge that I was unaware of, and for that I’m grateful. When I comment,it means I’ve read every word and if I’ve read it, I’ll leave a comment. You have an attractive blog, pleasing to the eye, and navigation is great.
    Ruth recently posted…Getting Organized—A Day For Everything And Everything (mostly) Gets DoneMy Profile

  2. Marilyn, you got some great advice there from Barney.

    He also did a site review for me, which I will be blogging about later in the week.

    Your site looks great – congrats 🙂

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