1. Great pick on the articles again Marilyn!
    The best time to post stats? I actually did a look at my FB and Twitter the other day so I could refesh my Buffer times.
    Twitter for me 7-8am (who gets up that early to check Twitter!? UK business people apparently) and teatime-8pm
    FB was pretty constant all day from around 8am to midnight with a peak on Friday teatimes.
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  2. I don’t normally go to the beach since reaching the over 50 mark.. Reason being, I have a tattoo on my chest that I got when I was younger and didn’t think about getting older with it. ROFL

    Needless to say, I’m sagging and so does the tattoo! LOL I’ll pass on the beach, but I will definitely drink lemonade and bask in front of the AC. 🙂
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    • Hi Bonnie,

      Many don’t consider what a tattoo will look like later in life, I never got into them.
      I’m not much of a beach fan either but I do love to be out in the sun. As we say here in the Northwest – when the sun’s out, we’re out. It’s a welcome change from our many gray days throughout the year.

  3. I was wondering that about time zones. If you have readers from all round the world do you have to post 24 x 7 or post things several times to get their attention?
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    • Exactly Ana,
      I don’t really give too much thought to posting time since our potential audience comes from a variety of time zones and climates.

  4. Cool share, as always.

    I wonder if those stats are true. I tend to post things when I actually remember. lol
    Happy Friday 🙂
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    • I did a blog post test in Google Analytics some time back and the prime posting time was 10-11AM but then with the various time zones for readers around the world it makes you wonder when that 11:00 time really is.
      Thanks for stopping by!

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