Fab Friday Blog Share 26

Happy Friday,

How was your Christmas? I trust it provided many fond and lingering memories.

I think you will enjoy this week’s selection of blog posts, there’s a tidbit or two about blogging and a couple with wisdom from visionary men of times past.

Please enjoy!

1. A little help in understanding your niche and your audience – Click Here

2. Great tips on using images in our blogs and social media – Click Here

3. Over the years I have learned much from reading the advice of Dale Carnegie – Click Here

4. A super article on the effective use of memes – Click Here

5. Wise words from the visionary Walt Disney – Click Here

The entertainment portion of our Friday provides helpful tips on folding napkins even though the Christmas celebrations have past –

Warmest Wishes,
Marilyn T


  1. Great reads again Marilyn – although I won’t be folding any napkins this year 🙂

  2. I loved reading about memes.

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