Fab Friday Blog Share 25

Happy Friday to you and Merry Christmas,

Yes, I know today is not Christmas but this is Fab Friday Blog Share #25 and Christmas is on the 25th, and oh never mind – simply have a wonderful holiday week!

I have some great stuff for this week’s blog shares, a bit on coming up with great blog content, bogging tips, and a Kindle idea. Be sure not to miss the entertainment portion as it will surely put a smile on your face.

Please enjoy!

1. A super post on how to take ownership of your site – Click Here

2. More Content writing tips – Click Here

3. Even more content writing tips  – Click Here

4. Pretty comprehensive series of tips from a 14 year old blogger – Click Here

5. I had never thought of this, “How to Publish your Blog on Kindle” – Click Here

Now for the entertainment portion of our Friday, that will not only have you smiling, you may even burst out laughing,

Click the link to a bit of hilarious Calvin and Hobbes Snowman Fun –


Warmest Wishes,
Marilyn T


  1. Great share Marilyn! I already publish my blog on Kindle, really not sure why I haven’t blogged that before lol

  2. A great format for a blog post Marilyn! I am going to start using it too for some of my posts. I do come across excellent stuff online – may as well bookmark it and share in my posts. 🙂

  3. Great shared Marilyn! I wasn’t able to access your #2 link for 3 Essential Elements for Quality content. Kept telling me I have to be a member and login. Everything else was great, and I’m still reading. Loved the Calvin and Hobs.

    • Hi Misty, I corrected the link and it should be working now, thanks for letting me know. Correction: it’s not fixed, I guess you do need to be a member, sorry.
      Okay, I changed the article so it is a brand new link – I feel better now : )

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