Fab Friday Blog Share 24

Hello again and Happy Friday,

Can you believe Christmas is roughly a dozen days away and I haven’t even started shopping – guess that will be my focus this weekend in between prepping next week’s blog entries.

I think you will enjoy this week’s blog shares, they’re not focused on one general theme but they do focus on blogging.

Please enjoy!

1. Advice on using videos for marketing during the holiday season. It’s not directly focused on blogging but the message can be applied. I love the “Tell a Story” video clip –  Click Here

2. Tips for putting those blinders on –  Click Here

3. What to do when the creative juices aren’t flowing –  Click Here

4. Are most blogs simply too nice? –  Click Here

5. We all have distraction when working from home, especially the kids –  Click Here

For the entertainment portion of our Friday, I wish to send you a rollicking fun Christmas card from our home to yours featuring yours truly, my husband, and our Boomer boy. The card was created through JibJab, you can learn more about them here. JibJab.com

The Christmas Sled Race

(click box in lower right corner to view in full screen – oh and be sure your sound is on)

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Marilyn T


  1. I can definitely see visiting #1 and #3. Thanks for sharing them Marilyn! You do a great job of this every Friday and I certainly appreciate it!

  2. Wow, great list… and I’ve learned a new blog post method 🙂 Thanks.

  3. Thanks for this reading list. 🙂

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