Fab Friday Blog Share 19

Hello there!

Well, here it is Friday once again and time for the Fab Friday Blog Share, where I share fabulous and helpful posts that I’ve found useful and I trust you will as well.

This has been a frustrating week for me as I hit a few hurdles along the way. I spent much of one day working on backup /cloning software for my blog only to discover that it wasn’t compatible with my web hosting company. Argh!

Then I spent much of another day with our wonderful Boomer boy at the vet and then the doggie hospital – x-rays, blood work, and an ultrasound, what a day for him. Fortunately I was able to bring him home the same day.

On to this week’s blog share – Please enjoy and leave me a comment if you found them useful.

Great words of wisdom regarding the principles of success – I particularly like #8 “maintain your determination” – http://bit.ly/ZlxZnz

A look at keywords and writing articles for your audience not Google – http://bit.ly/1c5Qqj7

Infographics are hot right now; here are tips for making your own – http://www.socialable.co.uk/16-tools-to-make-awesome-infographics/

Setting up success habits – http://bit.ly/HjLnD7

Tips for choosing the perfect name for your business or website – http://bit.ly/11NnlHP

And of course, the entertainment portion of this week’s Fab Friday Share –

Joan Osbourne performing the Motown classic – What Becomes of the Broken Hearted –


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