Fab Friday Blog Share 16

Hello there!

Well, here it is Friday once again and time for the Fab Friday Blog Share, where I share fabulous and helpful posts that I’ve found useful and I trust you will too.

We’re well into Bonnie Gean’s Article Writing Challenge, and it has been a terrific experience. If you’re a member, I’m glad to see you here and equally pleased to get to know you and read your amazing articles.

BTW – Halloween is just 13 days away, so stop on by Simply Spooktacular

And now for the blog posts for sharing, they’re focused again blogging. – Making money, writing tips, and niche selection – Please enjoy and leave me a comment if you found them useful.

  1. Branding advice when you are your business – http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/217481
  2. Writing tips from Ezine that need repeating – http://blog.ezinearticles.com/2013/10/best-practices-to-write-fresh-articles-on-new-and-old-topics.html
  3. Tiffany Lamberts’ tips on how to make money blogging – http://www.tiffanydow.com/blog/how-to-make-money-blogging/
  4. A priceless article full of blogging tips – http://writetodone.com/how-i-created-a-tiny-niche-blog-that-earns-six-figures/
  5. Tips for selecting a niche from one of my favs, Pat Flynn – http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/niche-selection-tips/

And now for the entertainment portion of this week’s Fab Friday Share –

The talents of Barbra Streisand (I adore her!) singing “Woman in the Moon” performed in 2011. She originally sang the song in 1976, in “A Star is Born” – And yes, the movie is in my collection 🙂

Marilyn T




  1. These look like some pretty nifty topics! I shall go check them out. Thanks for listing them Marilyn!

  2. Hi Marilyn, I’m going to have to check out #2 and 3. Thank you for sharing. Great to see you here.

    Missy Bell

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