Fab Friday Blog Share 12

Hello again, and Happy Friday to you, how’s your week?

Mine has been very productive. I joined an article writing challenge this month and have been staying current on my daily counts. The goal is to write at least one article each day and of course share the link if you like.

I have found some new acquaintances there and would like to share some of their posts here in this edition of the Fab Friday Blog Share. I’ve also been busily building my Halloween site and I think it is coming along nicely. It’s called Simply Spooktacular if you would like to check it out

1. This is an awesome post about finding blog topics to write about. Michael has a wonderful way of writing that I think you will enjoy. –

2. A great post for serious bloggers and IM professionals as we all know that you can’t take the whole weekend off. –  http://www.mistyspears.com/mspears/its-fridaydont-lose-your-momentum/

3. A super article by Bonnie Gean, an online acquaintance I follow. I’m sure like me you’ll recognize a suggestion you’ve forgotten about. – http://www.bonniegean.com/the-1-method-to-earn-easy-affiliate-commissions/

4. A great post with some good advice on getting traffic to your blog. – http://zimbomoney.com/how-to-build-an-audience-your-blog/

5. Here’s the Strayblogger interview with Erica Stone, if you don’t know Erica, you should – she is an Amazon affiliate master. – http://www.strayblogger.com/how-erica-stone-quit-her-6-figure-job-by-building-simple-websites/

And now for the entertainment portion of this week’s Fab Friday Share –

The impeccable voice of the superbly talented jazz artist Nancy Wilson –


Marilyn T


  1. I read those articles before since I am also following the “write one article a day challenge”.

    I really like this idea and I will definitely do something similar. But now I got to get back to pumping out articles and hopefully my website will be mentioned here next Friday :D.

    Keep it up!

  2. Ah! I love this idea. I have been such a great time in the article challenge and can’t believe how easy it has been to committing to just 1 article per day. I’ve never written 30 articles in a month because it just sounds overwhelming, but this was a piece of cake! And yes, I am so thankful for the new found friends including you!

    • Thanks meeting, glad you stopped by! I agree that staying committed the writing has gotten easier, it’s the reading of all the great material that I fall behind on.

  3. Hie Marilyn !!

    Thanks for reblogging you are awesome !!

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