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Hello again and happy Friday!

How’s the weather where you are? Here in the lovely Pacific Northwest we’ve had a rather wet start to the year. The Seattle area has set new all-time above-average rainfall records for February, March, and now April.

  • February average: 3.5” – 2014: 6.11”
  • March average: 3.72” – 2014: 9.44”
  • April average: 2.71″   – 2014: 2.94″ so far

oso mudslideThis has created a number of minor mudslides and the major landslide devastating the area surrounding the small town of Oso which was all too reminiscent of the Mount St Helens devastation.  This is a news shot of the slide where there was once a state highway, homes, and businesses –

Nowhere near as severe a situation, but the rain is messing with my goal of walking 5 miles per day at least 4 days per week. I’m what you could call a fair-weather walker as I’d rather not come home soaked, but I’m still doing my best to stick to it!

Now for the real reason you stopped by – the blog post shares for this week with a shot of humorous entertainment. Please enjoy!

1. Great tips for writing for your audience – Pushing Prospects’ Buttons: A 4-step copywriting formula

2. Polishing your crystal ball – 7 Tips For Getting Good at Spotting Trends 

3. A quick Pinterest snapshot of blogging tips – 68 Ultimate Blogging Tips

4. Some common blog tips but I know I miss a few occasionally – Blog Tips Tuesday 9: 10 things to check before hitting ‘publish

5. Tips for those who make YouTube videos – How to Get More Views on Your YouTube Videos

This week’s entertainment –

Jeff Dunham – Arguing with Myself – Peanut and Jose Jalapeno


Marilyn T


  1. Oh now see all the rain makes me remember why I moved from Washington…from Vancouver myself. but I have to admit, even with the rain it’s one of the prettiest places I’ve ever lived. Thanks for the shares Marilyn!

    • Interesting you once lived out here Misty, I love it even with the rain. And yes it certainly is a beautiful part of the country.

      Thanks for vvisiting!

  2. Honored to be included on your list. I appreciate you sharing my copywriting tips with your peeps.
    Here’s to your sweet success.

  3. Nice round-up! Keep ’em comin’.

  4. I hope the weather clears up so you can start walking again. I did enjoy the 3rd and 5th links within your post. I will keep those tips in mind and the link on my bookmarks tab.

    • Welcome Jeremy!

      It’s 57 degrees and sunny today so I just finished my 4 mile walk, I’ll walk 1 more mile when I take our dog for his walk after dinner.
      I liked #3 as well, a great way to list pointers.

      Thanks for commenting.

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