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This weekend happens to be Easter weekend. For many families it’s a time of Easter egg hunts, dyeing eggs festive spring colors, eating the ears off chocolate rabbits, attending religious services, and spending time with family.

I’ll be spending Sunday with family and avoiding the chocolate rabbits and jelly bean eggs. I have vices to conquer but eating sweets is fortunately not one of them. I look at this weekend as a time to welcome spring as the daffodils and tulips are in full bloom and the backyard birds are again singing.

In addition to the usual Friday blog share today I have a couple of tidbits about how other countries celebrate Easter that you may find of interest.

  • Easter is a major holiday in Greece some say it’s even bigger than Christmas. Tradition claims that in the town of Corfu you should be careful walking the town sidewalks as you may need to dodge falling pots. Holy Saturday morning the townsfolk carry out the “Pot Throwing” tradition whereby pots, pans, crocks, basically any earthenware is tossed out windows.
  • In Western Finland people burn bonfires on Easter Sunday to ward off witches who as tradition has it were believed to fly about on brooms between Good Friday and Easter Sunday.
  • If living or visiting Norway, pick up a crime novel as publishers produce new crime novels at a time known as “Easter Thrillers” (Paaskekrimmen). Tradition tells that in 1923 a book publisher promoted a new crime novel on the front pages of newspapers with such realism that people didn’t realize it was simply a publicity stunt.

With that please enjoy your traditions and this week’s Fab Friday Blog Share –

1. The Google vs. Facebook battle fights on – Google Acquires Titan Aerospace, The Drone Company Pursued By Facebook

2. A totally different way of finding your passion – Find Your Passion With These 8 Thought-Provoking Questions

3. Business organization tips not just for freelancers – How A Freelancer Manages Her Time, Money, To-Do List And Despair

4. An interesting look at why sales pages don’t make sales – 4 Elemental Problems With Low Converting Web Pages

5. Do you work in the coffe shop? Personally I don’t care for the risk – 6 security tips for using public Wi-Fi

For those spending time with family this Easter, the entertainment segment is a bit long but will humorously make you grateful that this is not your family –

Eunice – Carol Burnett a rarely seen 1979 “Family” sketch


Be Grateful!
Marilyn T


  1. Marilyn, what a fun and informative post. Really enjoyed the Easter stories and Carol Burnett has always been a favorite. I was laughing out loud at their antics. I’m very much enjoying your posts!

    • Thank you Edie, that’s very kind of you and means so much.

      If you haven’t already you may want to join my list as I send out a newsletter each Monday which I think you would like.

      All the best!

  2. I love the Carol Burnett show; especially the mamma and Unice acts! Thanks for sharing the video. It was long but worth watching!

    I read a little on the Google purchase – uninterested. 🙂

    I hope it helps them create better maps for their map program. The ones they use now need a little TLC.

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