Drop By the Forums to Find Your Niche Audience

find your audience in forumsHere we are at part three of my real life experiment for searching out your niche audience. I’m running through my search journey on the recommendations of various articles and videos I’ve visited recently. If you missed parts one or two you can find the links at the end of this post.

Today we take a look at finding forums focusing on your niche topic.

Basically what was suggested by the “advisers” is to go to the internet forums that are most popular in your niche. Set the forum to search by “most replied” threads, and set the date range to as far back as it can go.

The premise is that this will give you a list of topics that people have found most interesting to discuss, which should also give you incredible insights into how people view current topics, what was hot in the past and what’s hot now, what kind of creative solutions others have come up with and so on.

So let’s see if that’s true for my topic of better blogging and monetizing your blog.

Finding Treasure in Internet Forums

To start out I did a Google search for blog forums and found an article in Mashable titled “80+ Online Communities for Bloggers”, you may want to check out the entire article so here’s a link http://mashable.com/2007/09/27/online-communities/. It’s an extensive listing of blog forums no matter what your niche that may be helpful for visiting later and interacting.

*Side Note: Bloggeries.com is listed and they were highly rated in a couple articles as a somewhat small community for new bloggers wishing to get answers about blogging, but either they are no longer around or they’re having difficulties with their site because it never came up.

So moving on, I randomly selected five from the Mashable list, here is my commentary.

Forum #1: Blogger Forum

This is a well-established forum that had also been recommended. I started by going to the report named, ”Blog Newbies”, even though my site is not just for newbies but instead for anyone wishing to improve their blogs, but I figured the questions here would help me find my audience.

I sorted by the number of replies so as to find popular and recent threads. But to my dismay, I found that this site is not maintained well and has for too many porn and spammy posts for my liking – I left.

Forum #2: Blogger Hub

This site looked promising as it has a range of topics. I started at a spot that looked popular called “Review My Blog”. It was a bit helpful for identifying blog problems which could become my blog topics but the best help came from the “Web Design and Style” category as it had the most active discussions.

Overall this forum seemed disappointing for the member as there are many questions but very few replies. That could be good for my blog as I could answer the questions and drive traffic to my site. This forum scored a C+ as it did help me identify a portion of my audience and gave me insights as to how I could help them.

Forum #3: Digital Point

I have used this forum many times and have often found quality information. It’s very active and covers topics from social media, to SEO, to domain names, copy writing, and much more. I identified a number of potential topics to help me find my audience, as well as sub-forums to become active in so my expanding audience can find me. This forum looks to be a winner – I give them a B- score.

*Tip: forum4bloggers looked great as it claimed to discuss various blog topics and have 1,250 members, but my Trend Micro program identified it as a confirmed site involved in scams / fraud and transmitting of malicious software. Personally, I don’t take chances, nor should you.

Forum #4: Self-Starters Weekly Tips

This forum lived up to its tagline –

“Learn the Difference Between Websites that Cost You Money … and Websites that MAKE You Money!”

Love that!  This site is appears to be pure gold and I became a member so I can cruise around inside. These are some of the topics I like –

  • Learn the Basics
  • Learn Internet Marketing
  • General eBiz Discussion
  • Home Office Talk
  • Copywriting
  • All About Blogs

I have the feeling I may see some of you there, it looks like a terrific forum that I give a B+ score.

*Slight programming note: when I went to register it appears Self-Starters Weekly Tips has been archived and is now Click Newz! with Lynn Terri. Interesting because Lynn Terri is someone I follow and I had not heard of her new forum. Let’s hope it’s as exciting as the Self-Starters forum appeared to be. I’ll be looking for their archive.

Forum #5: Wicked Fire

The Wicked Fire forum is mainly about making money online so it helped give me insight along that topic line. It also has an active newbie section for identifying problems to solve and there’s plenty of other information in the areas providing case studies and industry news. I give this forum a B- score as it’s somewhat fun to navigate.

*Final Tip: Warrior Forum is a must-join forum for anyone in this business as it has a plethora of information and resources.

The point is to search out the forums in your niche and then become active and interact. Good forums are full of potential readers!

What’s your take on using forums to find your niche audience?

Come back tomorrow when we look at using RSS Feeds and Google Alerts for finding your blog audience.

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  1. Awesome! I also did a blog on Forums, but have yet to implement my own tips…thanks for the reminder!

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