Dreams on Target

cartoon-businessman-successAs I mentioned in a recent post titled “Do You Have a Determined Focus”- I have plans to rock 2014, plans to give my dreams deadlines to ensure that they actually do come true. See it’s a wonderful thing to have dreams and aspirations but that’s all they are if they don’t have deadlines for completion.

So today, right here, right now, I’m introducing a step in that direction.

Do you hear a drum roll? I think I hear a drum roll : ).

The title of this blog post is the title of my new newsletter – Dreams on Target and if you are fortunate enough to be a subscriber on my list you will find in your email inbox the first edition which was sent out yesterday. I will be sending out this newsletter once a week on Sundays if you would like to subscribe today you may do so at the bottom of this post. That would be really cool.

If you’re wondering how I came up with the title, I’ll first tell you it wasn’t easy. I brainstormed numerous names, ran through assorted synonyms, and scoured the web for ideas. It seemed to take hours. I went for a walk, talked to the dog, and then I thought about what my content would be, who I would be writing for, what was the purpose of the newsletter, and a light bulb went off.

My newsletter will be an extension of my two blogs, the blog you are reading now and my Positively You Can positive thinking blog. By using real life stories and events, I will expand on how they lend themselves to building online businesses. I’ll provide marketing insights and help give you direction for creating the business of your dreams, all while strengthening your positive mindset.

It’s going to be a fun read not some dry techie stuff, that’s not my style. By starting this newsletter I can be a bit more personable and write in a more relaxed style than I do in the blogs. It will also, I hope, allow me to get to know you better through your emailed comments. I’m excited about this new direction and I hope you will join me.

In a nutshell, Dreams on Target is about dialing in on where we’re headed with our online business, understanding our focus, fulfilling our dreams as successful entrepreneurs, and building our like-minded positive safety net all while staying on target.

Have you ever produced a weekly newsletter?

BTW: You really should sign up now.

~ Marilyn Thompson


  1. I was just thinking how I don’t post at a couple of my sites the way I thought I would, but maybe making a newsletter makes more sense?

    I like the two of your subjects combined too.

  2. Hi Marilyn – great name for your newsletter. Understanding who your target market is and what they want to hear from you, and when they want to hear from you is key. Setting deadlines for yourself helps to keep you on track…Great job.

    Eydie 🙂
    From UBC

  3. Love this Marilyn! I’ve signed up and look forward to what you have to share. Best of wishes to all of us on achieving the goals we’ve set.

  4. Love the name Marilyn! I’ve thought about doing a newsletter but am afraid of that commitment. Do you see a value in this with niche sites or are you thinking it would be better for more of an active type of website?

    • Thanks Mel and Misty! As far as niche sites, I’d say if the topic is something that can be built on aside from the website then yes, it might work but it does take a solid commitment

  5. It’s great that your audience is interested and wants newsletters from you. Sounds like a good read.

  6. I LOVE the chosen name and wish you well with your goals. Will your newsletter be text or PDF style, Marilyn?

    • Hi Bonnie,
      Thanks so much! The newsletter will be text format, why not hop on it’s only one more email each week and I think it will be worth opening.

  7. I have a newsletter, but am not great about sending it routinely.

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