Dragon Naturally Speaking – Is it Right for You?

dragon naturally speakingSpeech recognition software is not new; as a matter of fact current versions of the Windows operating system come bundled with free speech recognition software. So if there are free products available, why pay for Dragon Naturally Speaking? That’s an excellent question and the clichéd answer “you get what you pay for” is the best answer I can give. Maybe you’re wondering though why you would even need speech recognition software. Let me ask you a question – Suppose for a minute, that you hurt one of your hands, as a writer, blogger, freelancer, what would that mean to the way you work? How would that injury change the accomplishments of your day? Now I’m not talking serious injury like breaking a finger or spraining your wrist. I’m talking relatively small as injuries go, like cutting your finger with a kitchen knife serious enough that you needed stitches. In the overall scheme of your daily activities this would not be monumental, would it? But what would happen to your writing, your typing on the keyboard? Well, let me tell you because that’s what happened to me a couple months back. A silly kitchen mishap requiring four stitches to my right index finger. I thought my biggest obstacle was washing my hair with one hand until I sat down to work at the computer. Try typing with a bandaged index finger on either hand. Oh my! I did and what a mess, typos created by missing keys, and beleaguered typing meant I was working far too slowly. Now I must admit the idea of using speech recognition software brings images of Star Trek to mind. If you’ve ever watched a Star Trek episode you recognize that the starship computer understood natural speech for carrying out all commands. scotty talking to computerIt was even a comical scene in the Star Trek movie “The Voyage Home”, where they return to Earth saving the humpback whale. Scotty begins talking to the computer only to realize that he needs to type on a keyboard as speech recognition has not been invented yet. It appears part of the far-off future is here today. Click Here for Dragon Naturally Speaking – The Best Speech Recognition Software Energize your writing When you make your living as a writer or when you’re an online entrepreneur, your computer is a key tool of your trade. It’s not only crucial that it functions well but you need to function well too. Dragon Naturally Speaking software makes that happen. This is a tool that will not only get your hands off the keyboard, but it will get you out of your chair while still working. A common lament is that far too many hours are spent sitting in a chair and not moving around. With Dragon Naturally Speaking you can solve that situation if you can walk and talk at the same time. Simply train the Dragon Naturally Speaking software to recognize the nuances of your voice and to take accurate dictation and you can work sitting, stand, or even lying on the floor I suppose. Easy Set Up Setup of Dragon Naturally Speaking can take a bit of time as you need to generate a profile and run through a few test phrases to help the software understand your voice and inflections. While some are eager to start, I found that this process when followed through patiently saved headaches in the long run. Another handy feature is that the Dragon software will ask your permission to read through your emails and familiarize itself with your writing style. This can help avoid a fair amount of trial and error. Mic or Headset When using the Dragon software you have options of using a standard microphone, a USB headset, or a Bluetooth headset. I use a handheld microphone that I just lay on the desk but I can see that a headset may be preferred. Actually there is a high quality headset microphone that comes with the program that I simply have not used. Plus there are also microphone apps for android and smartphone devices. Super Grammar I found that the grammatical choices and spelling to be superb using the Dragon Naturally Speaking software, and the correction menu that pops up when requesting to correct a word or phrase typically lists the appropriate wording. There’s also a sidebar tool for tips and instruction on editing and formatting your blog post, article, or book chapter. Buy through Amazon There is both a home edition and a premium edition of the Dragon Naturally Speaking software. I went with the home edition as it fit my needs the best and purchased from Amazon as the price was a few dollars cheaper than through Nuance directly. Have your Christmas shopping done? The big day is right around the corner and Dragon Naturally Speaking software makes a great gift from Santa for every writer or online entrepreneur on your gift list. What are you waiting for – a kitchen mishap? What are your thoughts on Dragon NaturallySpeaking? Kindly, Marilyn T


  1. I had tried this a few years ago. I purchased it from Amazon and it was in the mid $100 range then. I have a Mac and I had difficulty setting it up. It also wanted me to speak very slowly, which was annoying. Now that I see the price is reasonable, I may rethink purchasing again. Thanks for the writeup.

    • Hi Rochelle,
      I saw similar comments in the reviews by earlier users who have come back around and purchase the latest version (12) which they say is greatly improved. It does take a bit of time for it to learn your voice but once it does it runs much smoother.
      Thanks for commenting.

  2. I own the home version as well and it’s a pretty cool piece of software. The cool part about it is that it “learns” your speech and the way you talk, so if you say something a bit different, maybe with a southern accent or something, once it knows what you meant, it learns to listen for it that way. Makes it a little weird when you switch users, I experienced that with my husband, but it’s not too bad.

    • Hi Misty,
      Yes, I love that it learns as you use it, it has made dictation much easier. I still proof read what it writes as there are always those words that sound like others.

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