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Recently my web host automatically charged my credit card for domain privacy services. I saw a $10.99 charge and wondered what it was for answer – domain privacy services; hmm had I set that up?

Before asking for a refund I decided to look into the pros and cons of domain privacy services or WHOIS protection and what it does.




What domain privacy does:

Domain privacy conceals your personal contact information that you have provided to your web host and replaces it with random auto-generated information

Why you may want domain privacy:

  • Stops spammers from contacting you as the admin email address used for your domain is protected or actually it’s just hidden
  • Protects your site from theft because a hidden email address means your site contact information like your name, email, and address can’t be seen
  • If you’re running a dishonest site and don’t want to be tracked down
  • You run a controversial or highly emotional website or blog and would not want your personal information available to potential personal attacks via email or at your home

Why you may not want domain privacy:

  • If you plan to sell your domains you cannot do so with domain privacy set, you would need to have it turned off and then sell your domain
  • You have nothing to hide and are not too concerned with the spam or theft idea
  • You operate a site selling your own products. Some buyers feel if they can look up the WHOIS information before making a purchase then the site is trust worthy
  • Dishonest people offer fake WHOIS information so it doesn’t really matter
  • Having your business or personal information available lends to your credibility
  • It costs money

Personally I chose not to pay for domain privacy because I am not paranoid about spam or theft maybe I’m foolish. What are your thoughts, do you use domain privacy services?


Marilyn T


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